Thursday, February 09, 2006

Will we have the big storm?

This morning I got up and the weather people were talking up the possibility of a major snow storm this coming Saturday into Sunday perhaps as much as ten inches. I'll wait and see. But it has gotten me into a wintery sort of mood such that I dug up a photo of a snow storm from back when I lived on the farm. There's something energizing about the potential of a big snow. I guess I still have a bit of the kid in me. :)


Minka said...

I love snow...well I kinda have too living where I live :)
But I love the first snow especially...memories attached to it and I go out and make a snow angel and find me soemone that wnats to throw a couple of snowballs around. Hope you´ll have a great time with it, in case it arrives;)

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, monika. It sounds like you're a kid at heart, too. And if it does come, you can be sure that I will enjoy it. :)

Fahd Mirza said...

Snow is alien to us in wah cantt, but we go to Muree(a hill station 2 hours away) to watch it in winter.

San Nakji said...

Wow, just one I would love for it to snow here! It is hot and rainy in Auckland now. Darn!

christina said...

I have such fond memories of playing in the snow when I was a child. Our house was built up on a rock and we had a very long, curving driveway so it was the place to be after a big snowstorm.

We've been having little dribs and drabs of snow lately and I keep thinking "Come on, either do it right or bring on spring, already."

Trailady said...

Nice picture! If you get a good snow storm, please send some our way. Here in TN we don't get much snow- ever. My husband and I both grew up in PA, so we miss white winters. I enjoyed your comments on a blog about events in the middle east. Good thoughts. :o)

Tim Rice said...

fahd mirza, thanks for stopping by. So do you enjoy snow enough to make those long trips some times?

san nakji, it's too bad we can't send snow over the Internet for you to enjoy? But on the other hand, you might want to just be thankful that you don't have to drive in snow. That can be an adventure here sometimes.

christina, I think most of us as kids (who lived in areas where it snowed) enjoyed snow and have great memories of it. And I thorough agree with you that it should either snow big or not at all.

trailady, thanks for coming by. If we get the snow, maybe I can share it with you via the Internet (ie photos). I know that doesn't do it. :)

And thanks for letting me know that you appreciated my comments on another blog.

Fred said...

These scenes are beautiful. Just so long as I'm not in them. :)

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, fred. I think they're beautiful even if I'm in them if I don't have to be out and about. :)

Crystal said...

We only got 1 big snow all winter, very unusual for Chicago! I have mixed feelings about the snow, I think I'm ready to be living in a warmer climate now, though I do have very fond memories of blizzards and endless miles of deep white snow.

Spider Girl said...

We got two light snowfalls but neither of them were deep enough to call a snow day off of work.

Awww....I missed out on snow days this year!

Some years it DOES snow in February where I live but it's not that likely...and now that I'm out in the garden I'm just as happy that it probably won't.

But YOU enjoy your snow! :)

Ma Beck said...

Love the photo! I think nothing in nature is more beautiful than fresh snow. Of course, a day later it's disgusting and dirty. :)

I'm in Chicago, too. We got 8.5 inches on Dec. 8th in Rogers Park, so I'm thinking February will probably bring one more big storm.
I know I'm ready for Springtime!

Tim Rice said...

Hi crystal. I think that as an adult there is a measure of work and perhaps hassle that often goes along with snow that we didn't necessarily face as children. But this snow is coming on a weekend and I don't have to drive in it much if I don't want to. And it won't cut into my paycheck either. So I think I'm excited about it coming.

Hi spider girl. Thanks for dropping by. And snow days are fun sometimes bringing a needed rest break. But I can also understand that once one start gardening one might not want anymore snow. Where I live though, we often get our biggest snow storms in March and once in a while even in early April. I'm looking forward to this snow storm.

Thanks, ma beck. A solid landscape view of snow is beautiful; but your right that it does get marred rather quickly by both pedestrian and auto traffic. However, around here there is enough country side around (though rapidly decreasing) that one can still see wide unscathed views of snowy landscapes a while after.

...just-rambling... said...

Just popping in to see how the weather is.

Tim Rice said...

Hi just-rambling. The snow has begun. At this point the grass is covered but there is no snow laying on the road outside my window. However, the temperatures are suppose to keep going down and the heaviest snow is suppose to come after midnight. For my area eight to twelve inches of snow is being called for; more is being called for areas further east in New Jersey.

Maybe I'll have some pictures later tomorrow morning. It's suppose to get windy also.