Friday, February 03, 2006

The Trail Beckons

The trail beckons
What lies around the bend?

The heart yearns
The mind decides
The body moves

For the soul must know.


Tim Rice said...

With the Blogger problems of this past Friday and Saturday, not all of the notes are being posted here as they should - one of them being from Ma Beck.

Ma Beck wrote as follows: Tim,
Love the photo! It reminds me so much of the road leading to my parents' home, the home I grew up in.

I spent many a hot summer day walking down that dusty road, looking for something to do, wishing I could go somewhere exciting.

Funny thing is, now, when I go back home (as I will today on the 6:30PM flight) all I want to do is STAY home and enjoy my parents and siblings. :)

Tim Rice responds:

Thanks, Ma Beck. Funny how time changes our perspectives, isn't it? But there is a sacredness about our past that we often don't have the perspective to recognize until we are some years older.

Hope you had a safe trip home and a good time with family.

Fred said...

The only way to find out is to take that turn.

Blogger has been such a pain this weekend. I didn't even bother posting or commenting yesterday because it was so bad.

Tim Rice said...

Hi fred. I didn't bother posting or reading blogs yesterday either. I wasted my Friday evening that way. That was enough.

And you're right that the only way to find what is around the next bend is to take it. But sometimes unfortunately the day ends before I can take that bend. But on the bright side, that might mean that at least some of the time, I am making the most of the time given me. :)

Minka said...

Now, this is amazing. This reminds me so much of my home in Germany and of my childhood. We had loads of these bends in the road and I couldn´t wait to run along and see what is behind teh corner. Thank you for this picture!

Crystal said...

This picture really sums up exactly how I'm feeling right now, because I've got a big trip up my sleeves, but it's too early to post about it. The trail is definitely beckoning!

Tim Rice said...

Hi crystal. It sounds like you're planning something potentially adventurous. I say - Go for it! And when the time is right, do post about it. I'll be looking for it! :)

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, monika. I'm glad this picture brought back good memories of your home and childhood in Germany. This particular picture was actually taken not far from Souderton, PA near some wetlands.

Trailady said...

That's a beautiful poem & the picture is perfect. I am also a poet! Keep seeking what is around the bend. :o)

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, trailady. I plan to keep seeking what is around the next bend. Seeking what is around the next bend is part of choosing to really live one's life.