Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Peace Valley Park, No. 2, Designs and Patterns

Designs and patterns in nature often fascinate me such as in the following photos from Peace Valley Park near Doylestown, Pennsylvania. In the past, I have used some of these types of designs as background images and patterns for web pages.

I love the patterns in tree bark and in this particular photo the morning sun shining brightly on the bark just magnifies the beauty.

Fungae on trees present a combination of curved patterns and slightly varying color contrasts.

This is actually the underside view of a fallen down tree stump. But I could actually imagine this as an upside down view of a topographical map for a selected terrain. Or it could also be a view inside a cave.

Sometimes the designs of above ground tree roots resemble flowing rivulets curving whichever way nature leads.


Minka said...

Wow is the only thing I can say. It would be fun to be your eyes for a couple of days, it seems you capture so much beauty with them!

Ginnie said...

Yes, to what Monika has said. The photos make me want to reach out and touch the surfaces. Tactile and visual sensations!

Tai said...

I love tree roots...I used imagine them as small cities, neverending stories capable.

Lovely pictures.

chez said...

Wow... Amazing got an eye for detail!. Thanks for sharing. I'll be more alert next time I'm out in the woods :)

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, monika. You honor me with your words. Sometimes, we are just to busy though to see the beauty that lies all around us.

Hi ginnie. Then my art is working for you. Art seeks to impart an experience, an emotion, or a desire.

Ah, tai. I love your imagination. Imagination makes us alive.

Thanks, chez. There is lots to see all around us if we practice opening our eyes.