Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Time To Remember, No. 1

A time to remember
A place to be
A feeling of promised warmth
A sense of danger

Fuel for the woodstove
Recycling old lumber
Industrious and waste not
Moved by love


Fred said...

Moved by love. Great ending.

Tim Rice said...

Hi fred. I believe you must be a great teacher to your students. You know how to make one feel appreciated and motivated.

Fahd Mirza said...

deja vu...

consice beauty.

Tim, I am really honoured to have your comments on my blog. Thanks a lot. Its a pleasure to have you there. I have linked you up to my blog, if you dont mind please.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, fahd mirza. I, too, am honored by your coming to my blog and linking me from yours. Do come by again.

San Nakji said...

Nice hat Tim!

Tim Rice said...

Actually, san nakt, that's not me. It's my dad. But I didn't identify him in my post, so you wouldn't know who he was. Thanks for dropping by.