Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snippets of Life From Thanksgiving Till Now

The past few weeks have been going by like a blur. So below are a few scenes from those weeks. The first four pictures are from Thanksgiving day with the extended family on my side.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Four Square

Parlor Room Dancing
The dancing took place to piano music
being played by my nephews and nieces

A card game

Holly Berries

A Holly Berry Farm Field

Our Christmas Tree and Shelf Display

Playing Tongiaki at the home of one of my brothers

Playing Pit at the home of one of my brothers

A Scene from Yesterday's Ice Storm

A Visiting Family's Tradition of a Traveling Manger Scene

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Views Along Swamp Creek Near Sumneytown

I went for a hike around noon this past Saturday along a portion of Swamp Creek near Sumneytown. Below are some of the sights I enjoyed.


The woods and autumn sky

Cloud reflection

Red berries along Swamp Creek

Moss-covered roots

A boulder - A common sight along Swamp Creek here


Do you see the mouth?

Green ferns in the midst of the prevailing brownness