Saturday, February 18, 2006

Report from Second MAMA Project Team to Honduras

For several years now, my church has sent two teams each year to Honduras under The MAMA Project. The second team just came back this past Monday. This team did both some construction work and medical clinics as well as spending time with the children down there. If you want to learn more, you can see an illustrated letter from one of the team members at the DRE MAMA Project Journal. You can also see a daily blog there from the January MAMA team of which I was a member.


Minka said...

I feel so glad when I read these things. Some people out there really care. I also feel guilt and sadness, becuase I am doing so much less.
However,I feel grateful because I am aware of these things. They make me appreciate my life so much more.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, monika. I think many of us sometimes feel guilt and sadness about not doing more. But the important thing is that we do something whether in distant lands or at home. I also want to say that I sense that you minister to a lot of people via your blog activity.