Friday, February 17, 2006

Haarlem by Heather Neff

I just finished reading Haarlem by Heather Neff. The story line centers around a man searching for his mother from whom he was forceably separated in early childhood. But it is also a story of people living and working through addictions, of people learning not to only think of themselves, and of people learning forgiveness in a harsh, imperfect world. It's not a pretty story; but probably is realistic of some segments of society.


Crystal said...

That book strikes me of interest, I went over to Amazon to read a bit about the plot and I of course like reading books set in foreign countrys. Maybe I'll have a chance to read it in the future! I recently bought Barack Obama's memoir ("Dreams of My Father") and he also goes abroad (to Kenya) in search of his father.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks crystal. Books are fascinating ways to explore both our own and other lands, times, and cultures.