Saturday, April 22, 2006

Waves of Grace: Live from Jericho musical

Two of my nieces are in a Christian homeschool drama group called Waves of Grace. Last night, I went to see their musical performance entitled I Witness News: Live from Jericho. They did an excellent job as they followed Joshua and the children of Israel into the Promised Land. This was their third performance in the same day. The photo below is a picture of the cast after the final performance was over. My nieces are located in the first row (first one from the left) and the second row (second one from the left).


Camila Bernardes said...

Wow! I liked this post, I like plays and I think they were really nice there.
I also want to say that I have updated my blog, it's with a new face to the world cup. I'm getting ready to that.
See you dear.

Crystal said...

Nice costumes!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, aluadacbs. Glad you enjoyed this post and liked the picture.

Thanks, crystal. They put a lot of work into this musical.

Cergie said...

Fair haired family ?

Ginnie said...

What a creative name for the play. I like a good play-on-words like that. And I'm getting good now at recognizing your nieces :) I'm sure they love their Uncle Tim.

Bobby said...

Yeah, I like that title.


San Nakji said...

The animal costumes are great!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, cergie. Not quite sure what you mean by your question. But probably none of the family has dark hair.

Thanks, ginnie. Yes, I believe my nieces do like having me around.

Thanks for coming by, bobbie. The title was well chosen, wasn't it?

Hi, san nakji. I think quite a bit of work was put into choosing the costumes.