Saturday, April 08, 2006

Peace Valley Park, No. 6, From the bird blind

In the nature center area of Peace Valley Park of near Doylestown, Pennsylvania is a bird blind from which I took these pictures. I'm new to taking bird pictures so even minor successes with common birds make me excited.

a male cardinal and a red-wing blackbird

a female cardinal and three sparrows

a female cardinal



Tropical Screamer said...

What great bird pictures. I've never heard of a grackle. What a beautiful color.

Thank you again for the great pictures. Dear Husband and Son loved Pooh's tree. :)


road apples said...

Nice bird shots - they are a favorite subject of nature photos.

Camila Bernardes said...

I love animals, I loved the photos you posted, they seem always so pure and perfect, different of the humans.
Talking about me, thank you for the best wishes but I'm really doing everything to get better from this but it's being really hard, I hope it doesn't keep for so long because I'm having tests at College and I can't miss them. All my bdoy is paining and I'm feeling terrible but I know it's normal, I just came fast online but I will come back at night, I'm leaving because I have to study to my test tomorrow and I have 3 pages of something from my course to read, I'm dying.
Take care too, darling.

Minka said...

As you proabbly know: I have two birds myself and I just love to look at the oics you take. If youa re an amateur at this, I´d like to see the things youa re bad at!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, darilyn. And I'm glad your husband and son loved Pooh's tree.

Thanks road apples. I'm think a lot of people appreciate bird pictures not only because of their natural beauty but because they know how hard it can be to get good photo shots of birds.

Glad you enjoy the photos I posted, aluadacbs. Take care and see a doctor if you feel bad too long. Best wishes for your college tests.

Thanks, minka. Take care that you don't make my head swell too much. ;)