Sunday, April 23, 2006

All In One Sunday, No. 4

Today, the Junior Youth of my church and a neighboring church held a joint afternoon road rally and game time. The youth and us adults who went from my church gathered in the fellowship hall after church and Sunday School to eat our bag lunches before the activity.

The road rally was a challenge. There were eight teams that went out and not a one figured all the clues out correctly. But we were being mostly scored on time and mileage. The car I was driving had a good combination of individuals to decipher the clues and came in first winning a bag of jelly beans. :) Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from the road rally itself.

While people were arriving back from the road rally, it was snack time. And there were loads of snacks brought by the other church - chips of all sorts and salsa, chocolate chip cookies, candy, and pretzels.

After all the youth were back, there was a period of organized game playing. I had been talking with a driver from the other church when the first game started and did not hear the name of it. But it basically was a game in which the youth who were "it" had to catch all the other youth who also became "it" and had to join in on catching the remaining youth until all were captured. The people were captured by lifting the person off the ground. As you can imagine, the person being captured sometimes put up quite a bit of resistance. Below are two pictures from this game.

The next two pictures are of the youth playing frisby football - a little less physical. :)

I spent the evening at home. And after all the snacks from the afternoon, I only ate vanilla yogurt and frozen blueberries for supper. After supper, I spent a couple hour finishing the reading of the novel entitled The Darwin Conspiracy authored by John Darton. It examines some of the enigmas of the Darwinian origin of the theory of evolution. Not all is as it often appears to be.


Ginnie said...

What a full, fun day for you, Tim, topped with some quiet time alone for cool-down :)

Minka said...

You must have been exhausted once you got home. But it sure seems like summer is about to arrive where you live and the kids sure seem to have fun!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, ginnie. It was good, time well spent with other people through the afternoon.

Hi, minka. Welcome back! Saturday into Sunday morning, we had significant rain and then the sun came out in the afternoon with the temperature probably getting into the lower seventies Fahrenheit. I think nature was already showing appreciation for the long needed rain making the grass greener than anytime I saw it yet this spring. And, yes, summer is coming though this week is suppose to be a little cooler than last week. And most important I think we all had a good afternoon.

Cergie said...

You've spent a marvellous Sunday! Please, tell me if that author you're reading agrees with Darwin about the theory of the evolution.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, cergie. Thanks for coming by. As for the author of the book, the author certainly wasn't attacking the theory of evolution. I think the plot of the book was to point out that while Darwin took the credit for the theory of evolution, there was a bit of deviousness about him in so doing.