Sunday, April 09, 2006

All in one Sunday, No. 2

Today was Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday, all the primary Sunday School children parade through the auditorium waving palm tree branches and assemble up front to sing a few songs. They did an excellent job and I wished I had set up to take pictures during that worship service. They even captured and kept the attention of my two year old nephew. There were trumpet players accompanying some of the music today. After the worship service as usual, I taught the sixth grade Sunday School class - a good but active bunch of kids. And after Sunday School, I took the following two recreational photos of some variant game of basketball.

After the church services and catching up with some of my friends, I went to visit Mom and Dad. Mom prepared an excellent meal of baked chicken, potatoes, and dandelion leaves in a white sauce and for dessert a thickened stawberry rhubarb dish and cherry pie. After dinner we played a version of chicken feet pictured below. It is pretty much a dominoes type game in which one needs to match identical numbers. And if a piece is played that has two identical number on it, it placed adjacent to the piece it matches. Then three matching branches must be made to that piece before anyone can play on any of the other branches. The first one to use up all their pieces wins that round.

In the late afternoon, I went to Peace Valley Park to enjoy the beautiful weather bird and animal watching and hiking. Some of the sights I saw are below:

Turtles sunning on logs

Deer debating a move

A pine tree against a cloudless blue sky


San Nakji said...

Anything with animals has me Tim! You are one great photographer. Palm Sunday sounds really interesting. I really knew nothing about it.

Godknows said...

I love your photos as usual. Your parents seem had a good time.

Ginnie said...

So many things about this post, Tim! I LOVE seeing your parents! I love the new variation of dominoes!! I love all the turtles (Donica's Spirit Guide is the Turtle). I love the deer ("As the hart longs for the water brooks...").

What a great Palm Sunday! Wave those palm branches high!

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh the turtles are soooooo cute!

Kristi said...

Strawberry rhubarb dish has my mouth watering. My mother's family are all in Ohio, and I LOVE going there for rhubarb pie. Unfortunately, we don't have it down south. Chicken feet is fun; I have played before. Nice pics as always.

Tim Rice said...

Hi san nakji. Glad you find my photography enjoyable! Amongst Christians, Palm Sunday is when we celebrate Jesus riding into Jerusalem one week before his crucifixion. The crowds adored him, waved palm branches, and laid down their cloaks for Jesus to ride over. Most of them wrongly expected Jesus to be their deliverer from the Roman Empire.

Thanks, godknows. Glad you appreciate my blog.

Hi, ginnie. Glad I could talk and show so many things in this blog post that interested you. Glad you enjoyed my Palm Sunday story.

Hi, lynn. The turtles are neat, aren't they?

Ah, kristi, rhubarb pie, rhubarb crunch, and strawberry rhubarb desserts are so good. I have a sister that lives on the other side of Colombus, Ohio who is planning to go Thailand this September for a beginning two year mission term. And so you know of the chicken feet game, too? I wasn't sure how wide spread that game was.