Saturday, April 01, 2006

Souderton, No. 2, Views of the Town, part 1

Some days back, san nakji requested that readers of his blog post pictures of their home town. This is a beginning response to that request. All pictures below were taken from within a couple blocks of where I live showing mostly some of the older portion of Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

This view was taken in the evening from near my apartment.

This building used to be a feed mill but was converted into apartments.

A view of the back side of some houses

A view along Main Street

Hillside Cemetery with a view of some apartments
and a portion of the town in the background

Part of the Univest Banking Corporation home


Tropical Screamer said...

What a beautiful town. Thank you for sharing the pictures.


Minka said...

That is such a greta idea...showing pictures of your environment. I am gonna do it too. Gives you the feeling like you know the person of a particular blog better! Greta idea!

Ginnie said...

What is the population of your town, Tim? This would be such a perfect, doable "project" for the small town where I grew up in Michigan. But for here in Atlanta, or my suburb town, it would be harder. Well, now that I said it, I could do this of our small suburb town, which is Cumming. Hmmm. A nice project indeed. I love the age of your buildings there. It's like you can tell what part of the country you live in by the buildings alone.

Camila Bernardes said...

I really loved the pictures of your city, one day I hope I have the chance to visit a city like that.
I'm also here to thank you about the message and about your nice way with me, really thank you Tim.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Nice pictures of your city.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, darilyn. I enjoyed taking these pictures.

Thanks, minka. I'll look forward to seeing pictures of your environment. It also helped me to notice more of my town than I normally do.

Hi, ginnie. In 2004 the population of Souderton was only 6,735. However, there is another town of Telford right on its border with a 2004 population of 4,645. So, yes, still a small town. But even for a large city, you could just pick a small neighborhood or a few adjoining neighborhoods. Or as san nakji did, he went to the top of a tall skyscraper and took pictures in every direction.

Thanks, mila. Always a pleasure to hear from and communicate with you. It is a two way blessing.

Thanks, abandoned in Pasadena. I enjoy living here, too.

San Nakji said...

That's a cool town. I love the use of brick. I really think this gives everyone a chance to see more into someone else's world which is great. Thank you so much Tim.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, san nakji. But remember the whole town doesn't look like this. But it does reflect the immediate blocks around me. Thanks for suggesting the idea.