Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Along the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek, No. 3, Signs of New Life

Today was a beautiful day mostly sunny and with temperatures in the mid-seventies Fahrenheit this afternoon. So it was time to go hiking after work along the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek near Perkasie, Bucks County, Pennsylvania once again.

Along the way, I saw these Canadian Geese with their goslings - wonderful signs of spring and new life even though Canadian Geese overpopulation is a problem here.

I continued along the path nearly stepping on a garter snake that all too quickly slithered away for me to take a photograph.

But I was being watched. Lo, the white goose! On farms, geese can effectively serve as watch dogs; but this one remained quiet.

Near the creek bank was the huge tree with a hollow though not as large as Pooh Tree in Peace Valley Park near Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

And then, I came across this great blue heron apparently cleaning itself in the picture above and on the move upcreek in the picture below. It was an excellent afternoon.


cher said...

how lucky to get a photo or two of a blue heron...I certainly enjoy spotting and watching those birds. Looked like a perfect spring day for hiking.

sage said...

nice looking trail! I enjoy watching herons, especially when canoeing and they'll keep in front of you bend after bend, taking to flight before you get to them.

Hick said...

Nice photos...except for those pesky Canadian Geese (your photo was fine, I just have issues with the Geese). When I was growing up we never saw those geese and now they are everywhere. In Tahoe they are so obnoxious that they will snatch picnic food out of your hand if you're not careful.

I think we should deport them.

Crystal said...

The bird in the last picture is so TALL!

Tai said...

What a beautiful path to follow!

Asma said...

nice pics.

take care

Tim Rice said...

Hi, cher. It was a great spring day for hiking. And I loved watching the blue heron. Towards the last, the blue heron was just standing stalk still for what seemed like unending minutes. Amazing!

Thanks, sage. It is a nice trail located in open space areas along the creek. Though fortunately often not visible, there are housing developments not too far on either side. And, yes, herons are fun to watch.

Hi, hick. You proposed an interesting solution to the over-proliferated Canadian Geese. I wonder how our Canadian neighbors would feel about it. ;) Hope my photos didn't upset you too much.

Hi, crystal. Yes, it is tall and I think in part that is why it is called the "great blue heron."

Thanks, tai. It is a nice trail - a place where one can get the feel of being in the wild either though suburbia is not too far away on either side of the creek.

Thanks, asma. Appreciate your coming by.

Anonymous said...

I love pooh tree's hollow...stunning photograph!

Cergie said...

It seems to me that it was like this in time of the Founder-Fathers. I must play goose's avocat. The fault of geese may be a quality. In the past, they saved the ancient Rome, warning with their cry an enemy raid. And I prefer to say nothing about foie gras.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, andrea. Glad you enjoyed that photograph. Sometimes the angle at which a picture is taken makes a big difference.

Hi, cergie. Thanks for your defense of geese and bringing a good smile to my face. :)