Thursday, April 13, 2006

Souderton, No. 3, Views of the Town, Springtime

This is a continuation of a challenge that one of my blog readers San Nakji put his readers up to. All of these pictures were taken today as a new weather front was moving in. It eventually chased me indoors with a little rain. Up until the front started moving in, it had been a bright sunshiny day with temperatures reaching near 80 degrees Fahrenheit. All the pictures were taken within walking distance of my apartment.

The sun was still managing to shine on this brick house as I photographed it. There's just something about the sun shining on brick buildings that totally enhances them.

Several years ago at this mansion, a band was brought in for a graduation party there. There is a cemetery between this mansion and my apartment. And even with my windows closed, I could hear the band almost just like if I had a radio on.

A flowering cherry tree

Forsythias and a magnolia tree

Leaves emerging on a white flowering tree

Note the different hues of the new emerging leaves on the different trees. Behind these trees to the left are railroad tracks currently only used by freight trains.


Kristi said...

Looks like you live in a very pretty area. So, I'm curious about what the challenge was???

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, kristi. Much of Souderton is a pretty town. As for the challenge, maybe, I unintentionally made it seem bigger than it really was. But basically sometime back, he posted pictures on his blog of the city in which he lives. He then "tagged" his readers to do likewise. It is a way of learning more of where each of us comes from.

If you haven't seen it, you might want to take a look at my previous Souderton post of April 1, 2006. It will give you a fuller view of my home town.

Ginnie said...

It's actually fun to see where cities are "up north" spring-wise, compared to Atlanta here in the south. Is that flowering white tree a Bradford pear, I wonder? It looks like the right shape. It usually is our first blooming tree here in Atlanta come spring.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, ginnie. I believe you might be right about those trees being a Bradford Pear. I looked at some pictures of them on the Web and they look alot alike.

Nabeel said...

ahhh the pink and the yellow trees.. awesome

Tim Rice said...

Hi, nabeel. You're right the pink and yellow trees and shrubs are awesome. I thank God for such a wondrous creation.

Marguerite said...

That cherry tree is beautifully flowered, but have you ever eaten any fruit from it ?

Crystal said...

I now have a greater appreciation of flowering trees, they are EVERYWHERE here in my neighborhood and in D.C. in general. We didn't have so many of those back in Chicago.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, Lucie Marguerite. Glad you came by. These particular cherry trees are actually just flowering cherry trees not the fruit-bearing kind of cherry tree. I have eaten cherries from fruit-bearing cherry trees from my dad's property and elsewhere. I particularly love sour cherries in sour cherry mulberry pie.

Hi, crystal. Yes, flowering trees are wonderful and I was once in Washington, D.C. for a week during the height of the flowering cherry season. Gorgeous!

Cergie said...

OH ! I thought it was latter I came for the first time on your blog !
I believed it was the 17th of april 2006 and it was actually the 1"rd of april !

How a long way since that time

I created cergipontin for chamamy and you and now you have not so much timze to visit me
and it's the same for me
Not so much time

i'm happy for you because you have such a lovely fiancée now...

Lucie Marguerite Cergie