Monday, March 13, 2006

Pennypacker Mills, No. 3, Mansion, Kayaker, and Fruit

Below is the mansion at Pennypacker Mills near Schwenksville, Pennsylvania. The mansion was first constructed around 1720 but redesigned and enlarged in 1901 in the Colonial Revival style. It is fully furnished with antiques collected by former Pennsylvania Governor Samuel W. Pennypacker (1843-1916). It is situated on 180 acres of farm land near the Perkiomen Creek. I have not toured the house yet though I have looked in through windows from the outside; I'm saving that for a rainy day.

In the picture below, was a kayaker who was enjoying the warm weather that day along with me. It was in the mid/upper sixties that day. This is the Perkiomen Creek which is situated a little ways below the mansion.

And below are some plants with semi-dried yellow fruit that I saw in one of the fields around the mansion.


Shelleigh (aka Pie Shell) said...

Heeeeey.... I remember those little yellow berry - things. If you opened them they were sticky inside with a tiny stone in the middle... China-something, or Japanese-something... argh, I can't remember. What ARE they????

Godknows said...

I love the way you describe the house and the things around. Wish I were there to have a good look. What are those fruits?

Spider Girl said...

I love poking around in old houses---a most excellent way to spend a rainy day.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, shelleigh. I wish I knew what those berries/fruit were called; but I don't. I just thought they were an interesting bit of winter decor.

Thanks, godknows. Many things you write about I wish I could explore in person, too. :) Sorry, I don't know what the fruits are named.

Thanks, spider girl. I thought so, too. :) That day, it was so warm and beautiful outside that I just wasn't ready to go inside.