Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Children's Time and Noah's Ark

This past Sunday at church, we held a children's story time during the morning worship service. The story was that of Noah's Ark and how God saved Noah, his family, and a lot of animals on the ark during the big flood. In the first picture below, the children have just gathered for the beginning of the storytelling.

In the second picture, the children have been assigned different animal sounds to make whenever the storyteller held up the toy monkey. This helped to demonstrate the raucus noise that Noah and his family must have lived with on the ark.

I think we adults look forward to these children's times almost as much as the children do. It's fun to see the children reacting to the stories and answering questions from their perspective as children.


Crystal said...

Storytime was always my favorite when I was a small child, and probably that's where my love for books got established.

chez said...

If I were there, I would'nt mind joining those cute kids. They are so wonderful!

Ginnie said...

Sometimes the children's time is the best time during the service! What a great way to keep their interest in regards to the animals. What a hoot!

Shelleigh (aka Pie Shell) said...

How ironic (conicidental) Tim. My daughter's AWANA group is performing Noah's Ark next Wednesday. I cannot WAIT!

Great pictures.

Happy Thursday.

Lynn said...

arent they cute!

Tim Rice said...

crystal, I think you have a point there. In my family, mom and dad always read stories to us children just before bedtime and some other times besides. I think most of us in my family learned to love books and magazines at some level.

Thanks,chez. They are neat kids. This past Sunday after the services were over I was playing a few of the little ones swinging them around in circles and others came running grabbing onto my shirt sleeves to get dizzy with the rest of us. :)

Thanks, ginnie. You know, I think it is always good to have the story time be interactive so that the children become a part of the storytelling. We probably remember and catch more that way.

Hi, shelleigh. That sounds like fun. I always love to watch children perform in dramas. Thanks for sharing.

Hi, lynn. Thanks for coming by. And, yes, children are neat.