Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fantasy Land, No. 2, Give this photo a caption

The photo below feels a bit mystical and foreboding in some ethereal way. How does it make you feel? And what would be your caption for this picture?


Tim Rice said...

Minka wrote regarding the photo the following:

Night-vision goggles come in handy if you want to be in bed, before Mom and Dad enter the house!

Shelleigh said...

I can't explain it... but I got that same anxious feeling in my chest that I get when I watch Wizard of OZ... the part when Dorothy comes out of the house into the land of OZ.

It is disturbing somehow.

That being said, I would have to caption it, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore".


sage said...

It looks as if the world has gone awry! Or if you have left a b&w contrast filter on your camera while shooting color.

Zanne said...

The Mean Green Machine.

Cool effect by the way.

RubySoho said...

I would call it psychedelic van. It looks really cool Tim. Kinda looks like my bedroom back when I had those green curtains.

Minka said...

Uh, I have another one:
Thank you for helping with my picture. It is so much better now!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, minka. Your two descriptions gave me some smiles. By the way, Photoshop was not really malfunctioning; it was a deliberate transformation. You'll understand more further down.

shelleigh, it was suppose to communicate anxiety or angst. It was in part developed as an expression of my frustration over my plans to move to a different blog server with more tools not working out. Nope, I wasn't in Kansas anymore.

sage, as explained above, my personal world did feel temporarily awry. It was actually a post photo Photoshop filter effect.

Thanks, zanne. I like your caption.

Thanks, rubysoho. I had fulfillment in developing that particular view for that particular occasion.

Trailady said...

It looks like something from a comic book. "The Incredible Hulk Takes up Photography."


Debra said...

Magical mystery tour comes to mind

consise10 said...

It`s absolutely sublime.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, trailady. I like your Incredible Hulk caption for the photo. It gave me a good laugh.

debra, your caption is so appropriate as well. There is a lot of mystery emanating from the pic.

consise10, it does express a strength of emotion, doesn't it?