Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Thanksgiving Tribute

Brothers and sisters together
Loving, laughing, crying, sharing
Evening out life’s rough spots
Sounding a call of friendship
Showing tenderness to the sadden
Evoking gladness of heart
Devoted to outward reaching service

These are pictures from my church. The tribute is for the congregation but it also extends out to all my friends. Happy Thanksgiving.


Mile Stones said...

Hi, Tim. You of course know that Thanksgiving is a singularly US phenomenon. In Portugal, we have more national holidays than most countries, which drift from one day into 2, 3 if they fall on a Tuesday or a Thursday (they all wonder why the economy & productivity is so mediocre...). A lot are Catholic religious holidays, but others can be incredibly obscure, like the one that's either on Dec 1st, or 8th, I can't remember which is which, that celebrates a war victory over Spain about 600 years ago. Not very nice to the neighbours in the 21st century. They've long forgotten. Thanksgiving seems from outside such a huge event, almost like Christmas. Have yourself a great one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tim....don't eat too much turkey, you want to be able to keep hiking and taking those pictures....LOL

Fred said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Tim. Have a great holiday.

sage said...

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Tim!

Ginnie said...

Your denomination, Tim, is so known for this kind of tribute and for reaching out into the world. What a great capture of how things CAN be, if we all "just do it!"

A blessed holiday to you as well.

christina said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Tim!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a most blessed Thanksgiving!!!

Tropical Screamer said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tim.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


San Nakji said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tim. We don't have such a thing here, but it sounds like it is very important to your people. I hope you have a great day with your family and friends.

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving to you...and to your family ;;)

Shionge said...

Hey this is oh so sweet..happy thanksgiving too although we don't celebrate this tradition here in Singapore :D

Tim Rice said...

To everybody who wished me a happy Thanksgiving, I want to say thank you. It was a good day as next post will at least demonstrate in part. We did miss our only sister who is now living in Thailand. I hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.

mile stones, you are mostly correct that Thanksgiving is singularly a US phenomenon. However, Canadians also celebrate a Thanksgiving holiday in October. And I have read on the Internet that some churches in other countries also celebrate a Thanksgiving holiday - but that is only a religious celebration not a civil holiday like here. And, yes, Thanksgiving is a big time for most Americans. It is a time when many families will travel far to be together for the holiday. It's like the beginning of a more than a month long festive season for us in the US.

ginnie, sometimes what I described in my post is more prevalent than we think. Sometimes, we allow the media to fill our minds with the bad that is happening in the world that we don't see the good that is happening. None of us ever do this perfectly, but we all can grow more and more into this way of life.

Cergie said...

What a beautiful poem as ever, dear poet !
We don't feast Thanksgithing in France of course
I'm believing that Thanksgiving is in memory of the first inhabitants and of the native, is it true ?

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, cergie. You have the basic idea of the story of how Thanksgiving began. Today, I think people celebrate Thanksgiving more as a time to enjoy and appreciate family and good food and to recall and remember our blessings in general. For many of us who also believe in God, it is also a time to remember and thank God for all He has done for us.