Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nockamixon State Park - Late Autumn

Late this afternoon, I went for a hike at Nockamixon State Park on the Quakertown side in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful sunny day for a change.

Around the bend of the trail

The reds and browns of Autumn

Black colored berries against the blue sky

How soon will this tree fall?

Seeds of Autumn

Lover's Point

Sun down

Ruins in the forest


Cergie said...

Oh ! Now this blog is a photo blog and no more a rambling one !
(Or rather rambling photo blog)
The pictures are all so artistic and beautiful
Please, tell me: do you have a new camera or do you use always canon A80 ?

sage said...

i love the trail covered in leaves and the brown reflections in water.

San Nakji said...

Wow, who did that to the tree? I don't get why they would stop there...

The ruins remind me of Blair Witch for some reason...

Ginnie said...

You know that I am loving some of these pics on Shutterchance, Tim! They really are excellent in the larger format!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, cergie. You do honor me. As for cameras, I use both the Canon Powershot A80 and the Canon EOS 30D.

Thanks, sage. Those are definitely some of the beautiful scenes of late autumn around here.

Hi, san nakji. I don't know who or what did that to the tree but it caught my attention. Interesting comment regarding the ruins.

Thanks, ginnie. They are nice over on Shutterchance. But it is harder to tell a story there. Sometimes it takes a multitude of pictures to tell a story and the group of them together make each individual one more beautiful than if displayed by itself.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

WOW, a beaver tree. I haven't seen chewing like that since last year when I came across several downed trees in a creek and one still standing.

Love the pictures of your hike.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, abandoned in pasadena. Glad I could share my hike with you. It was fun.

Paige said...

Very neat. Was it cold, cause it looks cold. The woods are scary without a camp fire. You know the fire helps keep the snipes away.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, paige. Nope, that day it was rather warm - just near dark.

Joan González said...

saludos desde Barcelona