Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ringing Rocks Falls on Falls Creek

Sunday afternoon, I was at Ringing Rocks County Park near Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County, Pennsylvania once again. Below are two more normal pictures of the falls on Falls Creek at Ringing Rocks. You might remember I posted some pictures near the beginning of November of these same falls just after a heavy rain. You might want to compare the difference.


photowannabe said...

Normal is pretty too. There is quite a difference in the shots. the park really looks lovely.

mreddie said...

Wow, that is quite a difference, but I am a sucker for any kind of falls - beautiful! ec

M(urf)! said...

These aren't good pictures to look at on a full bladder. ;)

Anonymous said...

nice pic...umm...i like watching waterfalls...i think they're p-r-e-t-t-y! ;;)

Anonymous said...

I used to live not very far from a famous waterfall called Voeringfossen, which was great. I've always been nutty about waterfalls, ever since I was little... uhm, smaller:)

Katie said...

Hi Tim. Guess who is back from the lost. I had computer problems and finally my lemon of a computer gave up. I'm now in FL for the winter and have a new Gateway computer that I'm trying to get used to. I lost a lot of things including my favorites. Your pics of falls are super. They are one thing my digital camera doesn't do well. See you later.

Shionge said...

So beautiful place it is awesome.

Trailady said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful celebration with your church & family.

God Bless! :o)

Camila said...

Hello dear, how are you doing? Great pics! Just coming to say hi.
See you soon!

Tropical Screamer said...

I can almost hear the running water.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures.


San Nakji said...

I just can't over the place where you live, it is wonderful.

I always like to fantasise that there is a secret cave behind each waterfall I see and in there is a pile of gold just waiting for me to find!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, photowannabe. It is a lovely place to visit.

Hi, mreddie. Yes, that is quite a difference; but as you said beautiful both ways.

What, murf, these falls are getting you too excited! ;)

Hi, I*IcheI*I©. Thanks, waterfalls are quite pretty and often fill me with a sense of peace.

Hi, choochoo. I think you have a lot of company in being nutty about waterfalls.

Hi, katie. Good to see you. I'm sorry that you had computer problems. Glad you enjoyed my pics.

Thanks, shionge. Nature is inspiring.

Thanks, trailady. May you, too, have a blessed Thanksgiving with the ones you love.

Hi, camila. I'm doing well. Thanks for dropping by. :)

Thanks, darilyn. I think water water touches the soul of most people.

Hi, san nakji. And we think the same thing about your land of New Zealand. :)

Mile Stones said...

Just from looking at your pictures, I prefer the early- Nov ones, because they look more powerful. Maybe it is all safer without the overload? One observation I have of your autumn nature pics Tim: they give me the impression that it is quite cold, not just wet, where you live. Is that correct? Of course, that's relative, but what sort of temperatures are you having? We haven't had below 19ºC (66ºF) so far this autumn, but it is much wetter, greyer than usual, so it seems cooler.

Ginnie said...

"Normal," indeed, Tim! Different moods for each, of course, each for their own purpose. I would go there often, I 'spect! Good positive ions. :)

Tim Rice said...

Hi, mile stones. I do think the earlier pictures of the falls are in many ways more impressive because of the power that is there. Yet I like all falls from a trickle to a rushing river. It soothes. It has been somewhat cooler until now much of the time with the highs being in the low sixties or fifties and the lows being in the thirties or sometimes twenties. We're now in a stretch where the temperatures are in the upper sixties and the sun has finally returned. :)

Hi, ginnie. Are you saying that nothing about these falls is normal? :)