Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy, No. 4

This afternoon, I went hiking at the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy near Schwenksville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It was a warm but cloudy afternoon. Below are a few pictures from my walk.

I love the patterns on this weather and creek water beatened tree trunk. I almost labeled the above picture - "Here's Looking at You".

This is a portion of the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek. Can't you almost imagine that darkened stump on the right being a bear standing up along the path?

A beautiful pink on a mostly dreary day

A beautiful moss-covered tree trunk

I love the texture of the fungae.

Bright red berries

A beautiful, yellow leaf

Octopus tree



backpack_everyday said...

nice octopus tree roots....:-)

PPL said...

Yes, lichen.

Nice shots !!!!

M(urf)! said...

LOVE the octopus tree and isn't moss suppose to grow on the northside of a tree?

Anonymous said...

The octopus tree looks like an elephants leg with deformed toes... Gorgeous pictures.....

Trailady said...

You have such an eye for beautiful pictures! My favorites were the pink downturned blossoms and the solitary yellow leaf. Have you ever considered selling your photos online as Stock photos? My friends are doing that and they make money with it.

Cergie said...

How to say something else than: these are all beautiful. You are really a great photographer, tim, and you have poet's eyes to discover wonderfull tresurs in nature.
I like particularly the river landscape at the top, even if the light was not so pretty. I love it because of the branches doing a kind of thin roll bar

M(urf)! said...

Oh yes...stock photos! You should look into that, Tim. Never know how much one would pay for the right to use a picture of glowing question marks. :-)

Naturegirl said...

oH YES YOU most definately walked into the *~enchanted forest of Fairyland*~ with all the moss fungi and delicate pink petals hanging from the branch..in fact I think they were hiding in that first tree image!!Very nice to see someone else take notice of the beauty all around us as we take a quiet walk with nature..keeps us grounded! Great photos!

Ginnie said...

Some more great shots, Tim, as always!

I have a request: could you please put a link to your Shutterchance blog under your Links in your sidebar. I would like to segue to it every time I visit you here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ur love n respect for nature shows through ur blog...beautiful blog.....
the octopus tree roots was a clever one ;)

Carmel said...

What a beautiful part of the world you live in. It looks very simmilar to Ohio, i've gone hiking in state parks over there and even in winter it all looks beautiful!

Paige said...

Funny we too when on a nature walk, Sunday, in Montgomery County, Texas. I happen to have photographed a great tree right on the edge of a Spring Creek and wild and crazy roots, twisting and turning all about.
Love the moss covered tree, the green is so vibrant on the wet tree trunk.
Keep on hiking, I think I may be loosing weight.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, backpack_everyday. Those roots just made me think of an octopus.

Thanks, ppl, for confirming that the life in the last picture are lichens. And I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

Thanks, murf. I think I heard that saying before but on some trees it grows around the whole trunk. And, murf, you're so funny about the glowing question marks. ;)

Thanks, judypatooote. That is another way to look at the octopus tree. Love your imagination. :)

Thanks, trailady. And maybe I'll have to investigate your stock photo idea.

Thanks, cergie. I treasure your comments. I enjoy doing this and love to get out in nature.

Thanks, naturegirl. I think we all benefit when we get in touch with nature. It is a powerful nurturing influence on it when we allow it to be so.

Thanks, ginnie. As for my link for my new photoblog, it is now located just below my link to my Fingerprints blog.

Thanks, moi. I do love nature and I'm glad you like my approach to the octopus tree. :)

Hi, carmel. I do live in a beautiful part of the world. But beauty can be found in most parts of the world if we haven't destroyed it. And even where we destroy it, nature often has an amazing capacity to recover if we allow it to do so.

Thanks, paige. I'm glad you enjoyed my hike. The tree you described from your hike sounds really beautiful, too.

sage said...

i love that third pic, the pink flowers

mreddie said...

Great shots - that first one did look like some weird critter just sitting there, looking around. ec

Anonymous said...

Very nice octopus tree:D Looks a bit like an elephant, to. An elepus tree (I'm like this because it's early in the morning, and I haven't had my coffee yet. Of course, I'll still be like this afterwards, but for different reasons)

Reflex said...

Very nice series, nature colors and forms are wonderful!
(The octopus tree is wow, great!)
And yes, the last one is a lichen :)

M(urf)! said...

Sage, you're such a girl. ;-)

San Nakji said...

Again I read your title wrongly... Watershed Conspiracy... hmmmm ;o)

I love lichen. It represents life. Life is good!

Manuel Tendero Gil said...

estupendas fotos estas ultimas un saludo

Sarad said...

thats the first dose of pink in the blog, i guess :-)

Tim Rice said...

Hi, sage. Those pink flowers really are beautiful, aren't they?

Thanks, mreddie. You're right. It did look like some critter just looking around. :)

Thanks, choochoo. It is a neat tree and I like your creativity in coming up with your own name for it.

Thanks, reflex. This series does have so many different aspects of beauty to it.

Oh, san nakji, your humor is too much but I like it. ;) I love the lichen, too.

Gracias, manuel tendero gil. Las fotos son muy especial a mí.

Hi, sarad. There's been pink in the blog before; probably just not recently. Thanks for coming by.