Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Night Aglow


Anonymous said...

looks like a fiery night ......:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting effects Tim

Anonymous said...

facinating effects! ;;)

Anvilcloud said...

Boys will play. :)

In fact, I have just been doing a bit of that.

mreddie said...

Looks almost like you burned a hole in it. :) ec

Joel Reynolds said...

Hey man,
Sorry - I haven't been here in a whie - I've missed a lot of good stuff. It's been fun looking at it all.
Keep up the good work.

sage said...

nice effects Tim, it could be an illustration for John's Apocalypse

M(urf)! said...

Does 'spooky Tim' come out after the sun has set? Most of your night shots have that feel to them.

Ginnie said...

HA. Boys WILL play. :)

Tai said...

That's really astounding!

Fred said...

You posted the night glow, and I posted the morning glow.

Great minds think alike.

Have a great Thanksgiving, Tim.

Reflex said...

Great effect!

Corinne said...

An apocalyptic feel! Wow...

Bobby said...

This photo is amazing!

San Nakji said...

You are the photoshop pro!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, moi. It does though, doen't it? :)

Thanks, consise10. I enjoy doing this sort of play from time to time. :)

Thanks, i*ichei*i©. It is fascinating how one can play with and manipulate photos.

Hi, anvilcloud. And why not? ;) I think it is healthy for grown men to play, too. :)

Hi, mreddie. I just might have.

Hi, joel reynolds. I can certainly understand your lack of time with just having a newborn baby. Thanks for coming by.

Thanks, sage. That just might work. ;)

Hi, murf. Spooky Tim comes out whenever he feels like it. ;) Thanks for coming by.

Hi, ginnie. We all must play or we get boring not only to others but even to ourselves.

Thanks, tai. A little bit of creativity can do fantastic things.

Thanks, fred. I'll have to come check that morning glow out. And may you and all my blog readers have a great Thanksgiving whenever they celebrate it.

Thanks, reflex. I sometimes just have fun seeing what I can create.

Hi, corinne. It does have that apocalyptic feel, doesn't it?

Thanks, bobby. It was a joy to create it.

Thanks, san nakji. It just takes the right picture and little bit of playing around. :)

Cergie said...

you picture are always beautifuller
When I came first on your blog, I'm remenbering the ducks and the robin
At that moment I found these pictures so neat
I must recognize how prttier are alle the ones you are showing; the colors and the shape of this red-orange one
The colors so assorted (brown an grey) of the two posts at the top
I must recognize that you did a good job

Thank you for sharing: it's always useful to look at a good work and then try to do the same (not so easy however, I have neither wild river nor so gorgeous sky in Cergy)

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, cergie. It is always good to hear that people appreciate my posts. You do very well with your photography, too. I have enjoyed it very much these many months. Thank you.