Sunday, November 05, 2006

Junior Youth Bible Study Activity

This evening the junior youth from my church had a Bible Study at one of the sponsors' homes. The Bible Study this evening focused on how that we as the church function best when everybody uses the gifts and/or tools that God has given them. The activity below was a fun way to introduce the study as the youth realized how hard it is to draw and communicate by using one's feet instead of one's hands. The youth doing the drawing was suppose to communicate to their game partner where to find a designated object in the house.


Tai said...

That's a great idea!
I might try that just for something to do!
(You never know when it might come in handy!)

Cergie said...

Just after the second world war, there was in europe one medication (thalidomide) prescribed to avoid problem to the mothers-to-be.
In fact, the babies were born without hands, arms or legs and so on, it was depending.
And these persons when they have feed, are writting with their feed and able to do much with too

Ginnie said...

Your church is doing such a good job, Tim, in it's "training" of the youth. I have been so impressed, time and time again, with the creative ways they are getting at the Life Values we all need. You, of course, are the impressive photographer, telling it like it is :)

Anonymous said...

hehe - I'm very happy with having hands:)

M(urf)! said...

I wonder how many of these kids went home and finished up their homework with their feet and turned it in today. :-)

Coral said...

Oh, vaya que para escribir con los pies se requiere talento.

Un abrazo afectuoso

Anonymous said...

that's a feat!!!! (pun inended!!) :DD

Anonymous said...

* intended

Tropical Screamer said...

What a great communication exercise. Wouldn't that be a great exercise in school? Not only does it require a lot of thought and patience, but it also promotes understanding of people who do things in unconventional ways.

(What a run on sentence. NaNo does that to me.) ;)

Thank you for sharing.


mreddie said...

It looks like they were really getting into the game as well - good one. ec

Spider Girl said...

What a great exercise in empathy!

I've always been a little amazed at the paintings produced by artists who use their feet instead of their hands. Takes a lot of patience to learn a skill like that.

Minka said...

I am gone for a ocuple of days and you change your template:) I like it and I have tried to draw with my feet once...interpreting my painting by hand is hard enough to begin with ;)

Tim Rice said...

Hi, tai. Glad you like the idea. ;) I didn't try it myself; but I imagine it could be quite a challenge.

Hi, cergie. I am sure that those without hands find many ways to compensate and do well at it. But they worked hard to do well is my guess.

Thanks, ginnie. Youth are important in our church.

Hi, choochoo. I'm grateful to have my hands, too, to write and do other things. But sometimes we take it for granted not realizing how blessed we are.

Hi, murf. Somehow I don't they finished their school homework that way. But it was fun doing it this way as a youth group.

Hola, coral. Yo pienso también que para escribir con los pies se requiere talento o muchas prácticas para lo hacer bueno. Abrazos.

Thanks, moi. I like your pun. :)

Thanks, tropical screamer. That exercise can teach many things. Hope your novel writing is going well.

Thanks, mreddie. I think they were really enjoying it.

Hi, spider girl. To do it well must take much practice.

Hi, minka. It seems more like weeks that you were gone. ;) Some of us do our best art with camera and photoshop. At least that's how I am.

sage said...

I remember thsoe silly games, I hope they all washed their feet before coming to youth group! ;)

Tim Rice said...

Hi, sage. They were fun most of the time though, weren't they? :)