Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ringing Rocks County Park - Falls Creek

This past Saturday late afternoon, I was at Ringing Rocks County Park near Upper Black Eddy in Bridgeton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. As I mentioned in my last post, we had just gotten about two inches of rain Friday night into Saturday morning. The afternoon was mostly cloudy and windy with a few droplets of rain near evening. The following pictures are of the falls and rapids of Falls Creek within the park. Keep in mind that normally this creek only consists of a small trickle. All these pictures look best in their large size.

Above is an overview of the largest series of falls on the creek.

Above and below are two views of the top portion of the above falls.

Normally, one can walk across this creek at just about any point; but not today.

Here is a close-up view of the creek swirling around the creek's many large rocks.

This is a close-up view of the right side of the creek in the previous picture.

This is a broad overview of the all the sections of the creek shown above. On the far side of the creek, the dark area is a fairly large rock bluff.

Here is a view of the creek with its rapids right after the falls pictured above.


mreddie said...

Beautiful! I like the wild looking water. ec

Reflex said...

Water is life! Beutiful shots :)

Ed Abbey said...

This area of Pennsylvania looks so much like my beloved northwest Arkansas in the Ozark mountains. Perhaps the only difference is population density and how cold it gets in the winter.

Cergie said...

Thnk you, dear tim for your good suggestion to keep a blanket on my knees, however yesterday I went to the cinema, and THERE, I caught a cold, because there were some people illed in this hall !
I went for a walk last wednesday, and it was windy and cold despite it was shiny, and I remained well and healthy though.
When you are outside, no problem, the problem is when you are inside all together with anybody !!!

Beautiful serie of waterfalls, I like runing water, that's so alive.

photowannabe said...

That's not a creek anymore. Lots of water making great photo ops. Great captures.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, mreddie. The water was wild and impressive. I came at the right time. :)

Thanks, reflex. I think my favorite shot there is the first one.

Hi, ed abbey. Population density here is certainly rapidly growing. If it weren't for the parks, most of our space would probably be developed or have plans for development. There still are some farms but less and less so.

Thanks, cergie. The waterfalls are impressive. As for colds that one catches, you are right - the danger does lie in being with in enclosed places with other people many times.

Thanks, photowannabe. That creek certain became a raging creek or a raging river for a short while after the storm.

Pequete said...

Wow, we wouldn't call this a creek in our country! Great photographs!
Thanks for your nice post in Countrysketches.

Dia said...

WoW!!! Soooo much beauty!!! I really enjoy nature and whenever I travel I always have a getaway into the nature in my plan...ooooo I wanna go there!! :)

sage said...

i love falling water, beautiful to the eye and the ear

M(urf)! said...

It always makes me need to use the little girls room. :-)

Lovely pictures, Tim. I'm still waiting for a shot of your walking shoes

Ginnie said...

There is something very therapeutic about creeks, in trickle or raging form! That's a lot of rain when it can transform a trickle into a raging flood. Great pics for capturing the mood!

Luis Vence said...

Hola Tim!
Gracias por visitar mi blog. Tu blog es excelente. Muy buenas fotografías, intensas tomas. Es un blog muy bien cuidado. Felicitaciones por tu trabajo!

Charley said...

These photos sooth my soul!!! When I don't have time to get out in nature I can just come to your blog!!!

I had a moment to post some photos on my blog. Stop by for a "visit" when you have time!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures. You're really lucky to be live near a place that beautiful!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, pequete. It is a joy to share this photograpy with you and others. And, yes, this little creek for a short time became a raging river.

Thanks, dia. I would so love to tour so many areas of the world; but I will enjoy firsthand what I can and enjoy many others vicariously from afar.

Hi, sage. Ah, the sound of water. Not much more pleasant than that.

Hi, murf. You may have to wait long and hard to see pictures of my hiking shoes. ;)

Thanks, ginnie. That rain brought a tremendous transformation to the creek for a time. And yes the sound of water is therapeutic most times.

Gracias, luis vence. Tu visita a mi blog me da mucho gusto. Es un gusto a tomar fotos.

Thanks, charley. I love to share nature this way with others. You are always welcomed.

Thanks, kriistina. I am blessed to have all this nature around me to enjoy.

Carmel said...

wow those falls are just beautiful!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, carmel. I think there is something almost universally attractive about waterfalls.

madretz said...

Spectacular waterfall and raging creek! It looks so powerful. Is there ever a dry season?

Lovely series of shots. I felt like I was walking that path, too.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, madretz. First let me say that this creek generally doesn't carry much water. Most often, it's just a trickle. But I took this photo after having just received two inches of rain. We do have have our dry periods. They can come anytime of the year though more dry periods tend to come during some of the summer months.