Sunday, July 02, 2006

Frog in Waterlilly Pool


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your frogs are different than ours. Ours don't have spots and are solid green bullfrogs.

samrina said...

Yeah in Pakistan as well we have different sort of frogs.Anyhow nice peice of photograph)


Cergie said...

These frogs'legs seems rather skinny. And two legs are not enough !!!

Camila Bernardes said...

Ahhh you don't know how much funny they are!
About the frog, I loved it.

San Nakji said...

That's a great photo. I love frogs, but not as much as the French ;o)

Tim Rice said...

Hi, abandoned in pasadena. From what I heard there are a multitude of kinds of frogs.

Thanks, samrina. I think having many varieties of frogs and other species makes the world a much more interesting place.

Oh, cergie. You can't eat the pet frog! ;)

Hi, aluadacbs. Frogs and people are funny creatures, don't you think?

Hi, san nakji. Is your love of frogs preservatory or predatory? ;)

mreddie said...

Good photo of the frog - how did you get it to stay still? Also enjoyed the pictures of the kids at vacation Bible school - I worked with the kids for many years in church. ec

Ava said...

What a cute little frog!!!!!! Mine are just brown.


Cergie said...

That's funny Tim, in France we like rabbit too (cooked rabbit!)... But I think because of Eastern Rabbit and rabbit pets it's not the case in USA. Don't be 8-O ... I don't like meat very much, neither frog, nor snail !!!!

spicebear said...

i am deathly afraid of frogs. but seeing as i dont have an aversion to eating them or seeing them on tv or in pictures this picture was great! i've been catching up on your other pictures and they are awesome, i have a soft spot for kids.

Merili said...

Looks like something from a cartoon. Quite nice actually... I love the water and the plants around it.. nice catch :)

Minka said...

Ther eare no frogs is Iceland. they are however in multitude in Germnay...They can make really noisy sounds whenever I want to go to sleep.
But i am more concerned about those ne-green spots on teh photograph...I canöt make it out what it is!

sage said...

Great photo--I was thinking as some others about the frog needing to fatten his legs just a bit!

Enjoyed the happy faces in your Vacation Bible School pics, too.

Tropical Screamer said...

We have very large frogs here. Not my favorite creature. (I stepped on one barefoot when I was quite young. I don't imagine I'm one of their favorite people either.) ;)

Great photographs as always Tim.

Thank you for sharing.


Asma said...

Hi u hav been in all these days hope every thing is fine.nice pic

Tim Rice said...

Hi, mreddie. It wasn't hard. It just chose to stay still. And that was the second picture I took of it. The first one I was too far away from it. Glad you enjoyed the pictures of the Vacation Bible School children. Those are good times both for learning and just having fun together.

Don't worry, cergie. I was just kidding around. I actually don't know if he was anybody's pet or not. :) As for rabbit, it's available but just not near as popular as chicken, beef, or pork. Growing up, I fairly often had rabbit pie - a meat and vegetable covered crust pie - with milk.

Hi, spicebear. Around here, I think frogs are neat. I especially love to hear the bullfrog singing in the evenings. That doesn't happen too often anymore with me living in town; but when I lived on the farm, their chorus was a night time treat every summer. And children are neat. We'd be a dull world without children.

Hi, merili. Glad you liked the frog picture. I think frogs are neat animals.

Hi, minka. Thanks for your comments. Too cold in Iceland for frogs, I guess? Those ne-green spots you can't make out, I would guess are some leaves of some water plants in the small pond. I used a flash when I took the picture so that might have made them extra bright.

Hi, sage. I can see the frog would be an endangered specie around some of you people. ;) So maybe he better not fatten his legs. And aren't children's smiles so contageous!

Hi, darilyn. Thanks for coming by. Yeh, I guess stepping on one barefoot might just feel a bit ooey! But I still love them.

Hi, asma. I'm doing well. I really enjoyed last week being with the junior youth every evening for their activities. Kept me going and tired but very much worth it. :)