Monday, July 31, 2006

Junior Youth Retreat, part 2, Water Slide

The following photos are all from the water slide activity at my church's Junior Youth Retreat held this past weekend July 28-30.

The above photo is actually from the fishing activity but shows most of the water slide on the right side of the picture.

Making the Splash

Unofficial Slide Ride Raters in the Background

Above and Below: More Slide Splashes

Youth Running Back Up for another Slide


Cergie said...

This comment is not one and don't answer to it, please, Tim.
I'm too busy to write one: my niece and her boyfriend are at home today, MMMmm...
(Water spray is well taken. I even not managed doing so well with my heavy rain)). But this is not a comment for you, don't even read it. I'm just thinking that deep inside.

Ed Abbey said...

When I saw the slide picture yesterday, it looked short and not to entertaining. Now that I see the 'rest of the story' or picture as it is, that looks like a blast!

shu-ichi said...

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Kristi said...

Sounds like you had a great time with those kids.

Ava said...

That slide looks like SO much fun!!!! I want to go!!!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, cergie. You make me laugh in a good way. I love it.

Hi, ed abbey. Yeah, the bit of the water slide that showed through in the former picture was not all that impressive. The later pictures give a better impression but probably not near enough. You should have felt the speed build up as one slid down the slide. It was exhilarating.

Hi, shu-ichi. Thanks for coming by. I'll look forward to seeing more of you here. I enjoyed looking at your blog.

Hi, kristi. We did have a lot of fun together with the youth. :)

Hi, ava. It does look like a lot of fun, doesn't it? The speed and the splash was exhilarating on such a hot day.

Ginnie said...

I have a feeling there are a whole lot of people right now who'd give anything to go down that slide a couple of times! Hopefully you're staying cool after the weekend.

mreddie said...

Wow, that does look like a real hoot - I would imagine some about wore out their legs running back up the hill to get back on. ec

Tai said...

Lucky kids!

sage said...

A visit to the water park would feel good these days! I'm sure the kids had fun

Tim Rice said...

Hi, ginnie. I think you are right about a lot of people probably would just love to go down that water slide just now. We've been having temperatures near 100 degrees with the heat index being as much as ten degrees higher. I've been to the Jersey shore Monday and Wednesday; but it was a cooker there, too.

Hi, mreddie. They sure did like it.

Hi, tai. They are blessed; but I think that is part of what being a church is all about.

Hi, sage. Yes, I think a lot of people would enjoy a water park these days. This evening, I stopped by the local Dairy Queen; it was having nonstop business.

Trailady said...

Wow- that looks like FUN!!!!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, trailady. It is fun. I went down the slide a number of times myself and it is fast!