Tuesday, July 18, 2006


For the next two weeks or so, my blog posting and visiting may be rather limited. My schedule has somehow become super full. BUT I'LL BE BACK!


cher said...

good to know! and here I finally made it by :-) I will just catch up and not feel so guilty then.

Fred said...

See you when you get back!

Crystal said...

Tim, I'm catching up on your blog and just wanted to say thanks for posting such wonderful pics! ;-) The butterfly & birds are so pretty. Have a good blog-break!

samrina said...

Bbest of luch and hope to hear from u soon again:)


sage said...

I just got back yesterday... Don't stay so busy that you fail to see the little things that you photograph so beautifully.

Tropical Screamer said...

Wishing you happy days. Miss you.


Camila Bernardes said...

Hello, how are you? Really nice comments. Thank you. As I'm traveling I didn't have time to write to you. But great pics, I liked.
See you.

Katie said...

Enjoy and take more pics. :)

Tim Rice said...

Hi, cher. Glad you came by. And don't feel guilty about not always keeping up. Life does throw some obstacles at us sometimes. Just don't forget me! ;)

Thanks, fred. I'm still around. Just alot of activity that's keeping me somewhat tied up. :)

Hey, crystal, thanks for coming by. I so missed your visits while you were in Africa. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

Thanks, samrina. As I promised in my blog, I will be back God willing. Best wishes.

Hi, sage. Thanks for the good advice. We all need to be reminded to take in the little things of life.

Hi, darilyn. It is good to know that one is missed. :)

Hi, aluadacbs. I hope your trip is full of good times. Thanks for dropping by.

Hi, katie. Thanks and I do plan to take more pics. :)

This coming week will still be busy. But I hope to get a post or so in. I am planning to be away with our church's junior youth next weekend Friday evening through Sunday morning on a retreat.