Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tohickon Creek, No. 1, Part 1

The Tohickon Creek area over in Plumstead and Tinicum Townships, Bucks County, Pennsylvania is almost like holy land and God's country to me. I have many good memories there from childhood on up. It is a place I return to when I need solace and when celebration is in order. I was there yesterday.

At this precise location in Ralph Stover State Park along the Tohickon Creek, I remember many a summertime family swim and picnic. Coming here for a swim and a picnic was a frequent Saturday evening activity. I also remember bringing a New York City Fresh Air child hosted by our family here for a swim. He could not enjoy it as well as us though because he wasn't use to the sharp rocks and stones like us. Of course in the summertime we always went barefoot on the home farm so our feet were tough.

At one place not far from the creek are these rolling meadows. This picture was taken from just inside the edge of a woods looking out. In this transition zone, one can hear and see many birds especially in the morning or evenings.

Here's the path going along the creek's edge.

Here I'm in the woods with a deer in the background.

A window view of the Tohickon Creek


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I enjoyed hearing about the Tohickon Creek area and how nice that your family sponsored a Fresh Air child.

Childhood memories of days spent with your family here at the swimming hole are dear to your heart, as they should be.

You always show us such wonderful pictures of the areas that you visit and I love how you always manage to see a deer or some animal. You must walk along very quietly unlike myself who tromps thru the woods.

The picture of the path along the water looked so peaceful. I just want you to know that I enjoy reading your posts.

Cergie said...

Happy Tim Boy, belonging to a goat family !
Youknow, I'm now bare foot. So cumfortable !
Wonderful reflections on the water !

Tai said...

That creek looks soooo inviting!

San Nakji said...

You are so lucky to catch animals in their natural habitats. You must travel very quietly...

Tim Rice said...

Hi, abandoned in pasadena. Thanks so much for your comments. They encourage me to share more.

Thanks, cergie. And you know - there's just something freeing about being barefoot.

Hi, tai. The creek was very inviting as a kid and would still be. But the state closed it to swimming many years ago. I think they said that bacteria count was too high. It has never been officially reopened to swimming again.

Thanks, san nakji. I don't try to make noise but I don't know that I go out of my way not to. When I go hiking, in medium cool to warm weather, I am generally wearing sandals instead of shoes. I don't know if that makes any difference or not. But around here with deer, we have a problem with overpopulation. So it is not so hard to find them.

Ginnie said...

I can definitely see why it's "holy land" to you, Tim!

backpack_everyday said...

Hey tim nice shots.Could relate to them cause I have been to a place exactly like in the first shot

Claire said...

Looks idyllic. I like the last photo especially.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, ginnie. It is always neat to have such spots and to have other people understand what they mean to one's self.

Hi, backpack_everyday. Glad you appreciated the pictures and could relate to them.

Hi, claire. Some locations at the park are idyllic. The last photo is beautiful. Thanks.