Sunday, July 09, 2006

Playing Upwards

After church today, I stopped at Mom and Dad's for dinner and an afternoon of playing table games. Dinner was good - chicken patties, cooked potatoes, vegetable, and homemade applesauce for the main course with apple tart and banana pudding for dessert. The first game we played after dinner was Upwards. Dad won. And after that we played Rummykub which I won just barely. Below are two pictures from the Upwards game.

In the above photo, Mom and Dad are pondering possible word plays. Dad's right arm is resting on the old Scrabble dictionary from which we find words that we would never think of or we find that what we thought was an acronym is actually accepted as a word on a rare occasion. The picture below was taken just before the last word was played. Words can intersect with other words up to five squares high and the higher the letter square the more points one earns.


Blue Sky said...

Tim..thanks for the comment on my blog.
you post here really makes me miss spendingtime with my parents. they are in colorado as i am in Alaska. my older brother lives in your state pittsburg. looking forwar to reading more of your blog about your wonderful
family. thanks again tim.

Blue Sky said...

Tim I added you to my links I hope you dont mind.

San Nakji said...

You always eat well it seems!

Upwords looks great!

Ava said...

Sounds like a great afternoon!

Tai said...

That looks like a VERY interesting game...I bet my mom would love that.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Your parents look so happy together. I can only hope and dream my husband and I will be just as close and playing scrabble at their age. Wonderful photos.
Sorry I havent been around home on summer vacation as the story goes.
Keep in touch,

Ginnie said...

You remind me of my brother Bennett who was single and therefore able to spend a lot of time with Mom and Dad while they were all living (I can imagine how much time time they spend together now!).

That Upwards game is new to me and looks like one I'd love, since I like Scrabble. Hmm. My mom would have liked it a lot!

samrina said...

Lucky u r, hope u had a great evening:)

May God bless u n ur parents.


Tim Rice said...

Thanks, blue sky, for coming by and adding a link to me on your blog. Parents at least in my experience have been wonderful people. I am blessed to live not far from them (maybe ten miles). I also look forward to visiting your blog regularly. It may not happen today; but I do plan to add you to my blog roll, too.

Hi, san nakji. We, Mennonites, love to eat well. :) Though as we all get busier, it is not always as elaborate as it once was. And Upwards is a fun game.

Hi, ava. It was a great afternoon. Thanks for coming by.

Hi, tai. It is a great game for those who like playing with words. Thanks for coming by.

Thanks, andrea. I am blessed with parents that love each other deeply. And they taught us the value of being family. And, hey, I understand that things get busy. You're not alone. :)

Hi, ginnie. Being single does have some advantages though I still dream from time to time of finding that special some one. Nevertheless, I seek to make the most of life wherever it and I go. Maybe you should get that Upwards game; it is lots of fun!

Thanks, samrina. And may God bless you and your life, too. And I thank God for my parents, family, and friends. Enjoy!

Spider Girl said...

I haven't heard of the games you've mentioned, but I was recently introduced to the worlds of Scrabble and Boggle and it's both addictive and entertaining.

I think these kinds of word games are probably great for connecting new neural pathways in the brain, and I've heard them recommended for people as they get older to keep the brain young. :)

Cergie said...

This scrabble is rather big and is very useful for short sighted persons ! It'ld be a good gift idea for my poor aunt (94) who so much like playing scrabble and can no more! But I think I'll never find that here. :'-(

christina said...

Ahh, your parents are just adorable, as always. And that game looks so fun. Must look into that - I think my kids would enjoy it.

I'll be seeing my mum and dad again in just over a week and I can't wait.

Minka said...

what kinda word is awol???
I donöt have a dictionary, but rest assured that I will check it!
What do you mean, who made me the judge?!
I did :)

Nunzia said...

that just made me think of my family back home and the days when we all crowded around the kitchen table. thanks for the dose of nostalgia :)

Tim Rice said...

Hi, spider girl. Word games such as Scrabble, Boggle, and Upwards can be lots of fun. As for their neural value, my mom's doctor recommends playing games such as these.

Hi, cergie. I wonder if you couldn't find the game of Upwards via the Internet should you want to purchase it.

Hi, christina. I recommend the game. It is one that both young and older can enjoy. I, too, enjoy and appreciate the time I can and do spend with Mom and Dad.

Hi, minka. The word awol was in the official scrabble dictionary. Therefore for the purpose of this game it is a word. I thought it was just an acronym meaning "absent without leave." However, ....

Thanks, nunzia. Family times are precious and to be valued. I and most of my family are among the fortunate who live close enough to most of our family including our parents to enjoy and be with them often.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

We play scrabble at our house with the grandkids and we thought of getting Upwards, but sometimes just for fun we just stack our little wooden letters on top of each other to create new words. Lots of nice family fun is spent playing games.

Love the picture of your mom & dad.

Ocean said...

Nice picture of your parents Tim. Glad to know you make time to spend with them and enjoy their company. I am going to get the up words, looks like a fun game. Thinking it might even help my 3 year old put some words together.

Tropical Screamer said...

What a lovely post.

I spent many, many hours playing Scrabble with my mum. It's one of my favorite childhood memories. (And I thinks it's one of reasons I love words.)

Thank you for sharing your parents with us. :)


Tim Rice said...

Thanks, abandoned in pasadena. It was fun to hear how you sometimes play scrabble.

Hi, ocean. Upwards can be a fun game for both children and adults. Glad I could share something that you think you will like.

Thanks, darilyn. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Wendy C. said...

Your parents are adorable!!!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, wendy c. I think they're great, too. :)