Saturday, July 22, 2006

Texas Hill Country

In early May of 1997, I spent a couple days in the Hill Country of Texas. I was spellbound by the beauty of the spring flowers, rivers, and hills.

In above picture, I believe these were sunflowers
growing along the edge of some river pasture lands.

I passed many a meadow aglow with colors to satisfy the soul.

And along the way I came upon Enchanted Rock State Park
which was a wonderful place to stretch one's legs.

For those who might wonder where the Texas Hill Country area is located, briefly it lies west and northwest of Austin and San Antonio for quite a distance. You can click here for a map.


sage said...

What part of TX is the Hill Country located? I remember taking a train through SW TX, near Big Bend, and being enchanted with the mts. there. It's the only place in TX that I care to go back and see (I've spent enough time in the Dallas area).

Ginnie said...

I was going to say Texas has got to be/feel a lot different from PA. But then again, you have found the flowers and meadows and state parks! More the same than different, right?! (A lot like people :)

Merili said...

These shots look like the ones i have only seen in the old american movies shot in TX. Looks absolutely gorgeous and very calming... a really movie set :)

Tim Rice said...

Hi, sage. This area of Texas is west and northwest of San Antonio and Austin and above the Big Bend area. Big Bend National Park was next major stop on this trip. I'll show some pictures from there sometime.

Hi, ginnie. There are parts of Texas that are much more different from Pennsylvania than the Hill Country area; yet nature exists everywhere.

Thanks, merili. I loved it there when I was visiting. If only I could afford to be on a permament traveling vacation. :)

Kristi said...

Beautiful!! My uncle has a 900-acre wild game ranch in the hill country. It's absolutely gorgeous. And I'll be living only a couple hours away! =) Thanks for telling me about these pics.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, kristi. I bet your uncle's ranch is really neat. You might even make me a bit envious. ;) Enjoy!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You have found the beauty in Texas. The Hill Country and that beautifully colored rock is something I would love to see in person. Thank you for supplying a map to the area.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, abandoned in pasadena. If you have a chance, do visit the Hill Country in Texas. It's worth it.