Sunday, July 30, 2006

Junior Youth Retreat, part 1

This weekend July 28-30, I participated in our church's junior youth retreat in a country location about an hour and a half to two hours Northwest of our church. It was a great weekend with good kids and adults who know how to have both fun and learning.

This is a group picture of the junior youth displaying a tribute they composed for our associate pastor who is an integral part of our church's youth program.

Saturday afternoon, we went swimming, tubing, and paddleboating in the lake below our large cabin. To the left on the picture, you can see just a small part of a long water slide that ends in the lake. I will be posting more pictures of this and other activities in later posts. The water slide is a highlight of the weekend.

There are a number of free times during the weekend for the youth. In this picture, the youth are playing Apples to Apples. Other free time activities included volleyball, carpet ball, and much more. There also were a number of organized recreational activities that will be featured in another post.

During the weekend, we also had Bible studies on the topic of truth. In each of the Bible studies, there was both large group and small group times. The picture above was one of the small groups from Friday evening working at listing things that were true for everybody in their small group.

Early Saturday morning was fishing time. Some came down to fish and some came down just to enjoy the early morning quiet.

And of course no weekend retreat is complete without it's delicious food. The picture is that of Saturday lunch of taco salad and soft shell.


sage said...

looks like a great time. You are doing good work!

Merili said...

Seems like lots of fun :))) such a shame in my country no one organises these kinds of events that often anymore, there used to be many gatherings like this. I belive it really does make a difference for the youth.

Cergie said...

Oh ! Tell me, Tim, do you sometimes spend one weekend alone on doing nothing at home ?
Don't you ever need solitude ?

Kevin Stilley said...

Thank you for your devoted service.

Fred said...

Funny you should remember the food. I remember from church cap that it was all about the food. And, lots of it.

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Kevin Stilley said...

Fred and I went to very different church camps. It wasn't about the food when I went. . . that is where I got my first "real" kiss. Church camp will always have a special place in my heart.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, sage. It takes a number of people to make a retreat like this work; but I think both the adults and the children find it well worth it.

Hi, merili. It is lots of fun for both the kids and the adults running it. And I think you're right that it really does make a difference for the youth.

Hi, cergie. I get my solitude when I go on nature hikes. :) It's hard for me to do nothing most of the time; it gets boring for me.

Thanks, kevin stilley. Food is not the only thing about church camps; but for us Mennonites it is quite important. And it sounds like you have a very special memory of church camp. ;)

Hi, fred. We did have a great time.

mreddie said...

Looked like everyone had a good time. Enjoyed the photos and can so relate to the camps since I have worked with the youth of our church most of my adult life - that is until about a year ago. My age is catching up with me. ec

Tim Rice said...

Hi, mreddie. Thanks for coming by. Youth are so fun to work with. Glad you found it to be something you can relate to.

Ginnie said...

These pics bring back so many of my own camp/retreat memories, even into college. The small and large group studies, the fun activities, the food and fellowship, all of it. It's hard to believe there are so many kids who've never experienced this! So glad you are instrumental in this worthy cause, Tim.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. I'm glad I brought back good memories and that you recognize the value of this kind of activity.