Friday, June 30, 2006

Pictures from Summer Bible School Program

Last night, my church's Summer Bible School put on a program by the children for their parents and the public at large. It was a good program; the children were enthuiastic. Below are some pictures of the children singing from that evening. All pictures are clickable to see a larger view.


Camila Bernardes said...

They are a lot of kids, but so nice singing there.
My regards...

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

How wonderful that so many parents send their children to Bible School. With the situation about prayer in school more Bible School sessions are needed because Bible School for SOME children is the only time they attend a Christian gathering.

My children loved going to Bible School and so do my grandchildren.

Unfortunately some churches are cutting Bible School down to two days.

The children in your pictures look like they are really enjoying it. God Bless You.

San Nakji said...

So it's not true what they say about working with animals and children? You break both rules! Ha ha ha!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks aluadacbs. It was fun listening and watching the children singing. They were so enthusiastic. Many of the children would have liked to have a second week of summer Bible school.

Thanks, abandoned in pasadena. We see our summer Bible school as a service and outreach to our community. And the kids love it. This year we averaged over 160 children each of the five days.

Hi, san nakji. I'm not sure I know what rules I'm breaking. Do you care to elaborate? :)