Monday, June 19, 2006

All is well

All is well
Blue skies,
Puffy white clouds,
A green expanse below

All is well
Wide horizons,
Awakening sounds,
Asorbent being

All is well
I am known
And know
The wellspring

All is well
Peace thrives.
Even midst tormoil
The wellspring touches

All is well
Though inner conflicts rise
And outer forces scream,
The wellspring dwells within

All is well
The wellspring lives
through ages past and ages yet to come
A comforter, a vision giver.


Minka said...

So things are good?

Cergie said...

I'm happy with you...

samrina said...

Beautiful thought, nicely expressed.

May God always keep everything well:)


fairyesque-scandal said...

Mmmm... That was a beautiful piece to read on a Tuesday morning {sorry I'm a day late!} It made me smile *^_^*

Nunzia said...


Ava said...

Wonderful poem.


Tim Rice said...

Hi, minka. Yes, things are well. I've had some good days. However the poem goes beyond that. It expresses a bit of my faith and my spiritual philosophy of life. From that perspective even when days are not so good, there's this inner peace that surpasses my understanding that still all is well. I probably should have given more background to this poem.

Thanks, cergie. Appreciate your coming by.

Thanks, samrina. I appreciate your comments.

Thanks, fairesque-scandal. Glad you enjoyed my writing. Good to hear from you. :)

Hi, nunzia. Thanks for coming by.

Thanks, ava. Glad you appreciated the poem.

San Nakji said...

Clouds are cool too. Love watching them, especially when they are framed by a blue sky.

Fred said...

Let's hope peace thrives more and more.

Great poem, Tim.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, San Nakji. Scattered white clouds in a bright blue sky often are quite beautiful. Storm clouds can be quite fascinating, too.

Thanks, fred. If we would only live the Biblical Sermon on the Mount, I believe peace would thrive.

sage said...

I'm reminded of an old hymn, that I think is called, It is well with my soul.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, sage. That is certainly an appropriate hymn to think of. I love that hymn.