Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Cute Squirrel and a Study in Design

The picture of the squirrel above was taken at Peace Valley Park near Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; but it could have been taken almost anywhere. I just like the way it is perched on a limb with a eye on its surroundings and perhaps expecially on me.

This is the same photo as the first one but processed with a hot wax filter. It intrigues me in its larger size which can be seen by clicking on the picture. I like to sit back and let the picture just soak into me gazing in silent reverie at the evolving patterns. You have to have an appreciation for the abstract and the unreal in order to appreciate this one. :)

This, too, is the same photo but processed by a kaleidoscope filter. I like how it geometrically reproduces recognizable parts of the picture to give a whole new feeling.


Cergie said...

Hi ! Squirrel !
Do you know, you, Tim, that American squirrel are stronger than our European red one and it will take the place. It's an ecologic "catastrophe" !

Paige said...

So Tim what do you mean "processed" Do you develope film or is it a software that you use?

Minka said...

Wonderful as ever. I cnaæt do much with teh second one, but teh first and third picture I love.
In germany there are a lot of squirrels all ove rteh place. especially in late August/September.
Here in Iceland, there is not a single squirrel :) I mean ther eare no trees to climb :)

Fred said...

These are some really cool pictures. It took me a few seconds to see the image in the second picture, but it was worth looking at it enlarged.

As the saying goes, squirrels are just rats with good p.r.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, cergie. I'm sorry to hear about that ecological loss.

Hi, paige. I didn't think of it at the time but I see how that could be confused. I processed those pictures with software - the one with Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 and the other with Corel Paint Shop Pro X. Nope, I don't use film anymore.

Hi, minka. Glad you enjoyed it. I imagine that many did not or will not make sense of the second. But just call that my peculiarity. minka, it would be hard for me to imagine a place without trees anywhere.

Thanks, fred. The second one doesn't really reach me either in its small size but enlarged it causes me to marvel at the shades, contrasts, and patterns. I also like to use my imaginations to see things that really aren't there. ;)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha..the last pic cracked me up! Great fun and the squirrel is adorable.

San Nakji said...

I love squirrels! We don't have them here and so whenever I see one overseas I just get a little bit too excited for the locals to handle!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I don't have those programs in my computer, but I have seen other pictures using them. I was also intrigued by the squirrel in the tree in hot wax. It was mesmerizing.

You took some very nice photographs.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, andrea. Glad I could provide a laugh for you. :)

Hi, san nakji. Glad I could provide you with this small joy.

Thanks, abandoned in pasadena. I enjoy taking these pictures and working with them.

Ginnie said...

I love squirrels but they are seen as quite the nuisance in Georgia. I do like the filters you've shown. It's like you can see the wax dripping!

Godknows said...

I do really love your last picture. Can I have a copy?

Tim Rice said...

Hi, ginnie. Glad you enjoyed the pics. And, yes, squierrels can be a real nuisance in towns and cities. But fortunately this was out in the country in a park.

Thanks, godknows. Sure you may have a copy.

Endment said...

What fun -- I enjoy the variety as you process the photos!
I am just beginning to learn adobe and have fun seeing what you are able to do with your camera and computer... Especially like the kaleidoscope filter.

Tim Rice said...

Welcome, endment. It does me good to know that you enjoyed these pictures. And the kaleidoscope tool is a fun one to play with. :)