Monday, June 05, 2006

Pennypacker Mills, No. 7, A Civil War Enactment, Part 2

Below are six more pictures from the Civil War Enactment at Pennypacker Mills, Schwenksville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. These pictures show a bit more of the smoke and action of the re-enactment. In an upcoming post, I will present some pictures that show some of the dress of Civil War times of both women and men.

The Blues packing a cannon with gunpowder

Here the Grays are firing their cannons from behind their front line soldiers as evidenced by the smoke.

The Blues firing from the tall grass

The Grays advancing

The Blues firing a cannon on the Grays

The Grays firing their guns in formation


Nabeel said...

it was from the civial war the expression "Son of a Gun" came from :)

As they say .. a person took a shot .. it went through someone's bladder and hit a women .. hence .. Son of a Gun.

Very highly unlikley to happen though.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

We have a Civil War enactment here every year, but it hasn't come this year yet. I love to go and watch and eat the food they cook over the open fires. They roast corn on the cob with the hulls on and it is so good.

I still love to watch them load and fire the canons.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You really got some mighty good pictures of the event. I can never get that close or maybe you have a terrific zoom.

San Nakji said...

One thing I wonder though. Is how does it work? How do you know that you are dead?

consise10 said...

Tim these pics are fascinating! is this something which happens annually as part of some kind of rememberance day or was it part of a scene in some kind of Hollywood blockbuster ?

Fred said...

These are really great, Tim. I wish I had the chance to teach American History, so I could learn more about it. I hope someday to pick up that course, so I can immerse myself in the subject.

samrina said...


Such a wonderful post decorated with pics.

By the way u r blog rolled:)


Coral said...

Que feas son las armas.


Tai said...

Interesting stuff!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, nabeel. Interesting comment though not a pleasant thought.

Hi, abandoned in pasadena. That food does sound delicious. I have a good zoom lens to take these pictures.

Hi, san nakji. Good question that I don't know the answer to though some did fall down but not as many as I would have expected.

Hi, consise10. This is observed annually at Pennypacker Mills and is Referred to as a Civil War Reunion. It is a remembrance event.

Thanks, fred. I'm sure you would find American history fascinating.

Thanks, samrina. Glad you find this blog of interest.

Hola, coral. Las armas son muy feas de verdad. Una guerra es siempre fea; pero es tristemente una parte de la historia Americana. Se espera que podemos aprender por nuestra historia. Saludos.

Thanks, tai. It is fascinating to watch and experience when it's not for real.

Minka said...

Well, as long as they know who is supposed to win :)
Do people actually get hurt during this?

I know that there ar eno real bullets and stuff, but I mean even if I and my cousins fight with swords, somebody is left crying after a little while. Usually me :)

Tim Rice said...

Hi, minka. As far as I could tell nobody got injured in reality. I'm sure it is potentially dangerous because I believe they do use real gunpowder just not bullets or cannon balls.

Trailady said...

This looks SO very exciting. What a sad part of our history this was. I'm glad it's only acting now.

These reinactments remind us that freedom isn't free. I am grateful to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could be free to worship & live as we are convinced we should. Neat photos!

sage said...

As a kid, I enjoyed playing "army" but as an adult, along with Paul, I put away my childhood ways.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, trailady. Everything costs something. The question we need to ask before we act is, "Is the cost worth it?"

Hi, sage. I think I hear some of what you are saying. I'm totally sure how I view all these things such as re-enactments. Yet it reflects our history and reminds us of where we have been. There is some value in remembering and reflecting on our past.

San Nakji said...

Tim, that is a wise comment. I feel the same way.

Tim Rice said...

Correction to my comment: In the comment before San Nakji's comment, I meant to say I'm not totally sure how I view all these things such as enactments. Yet it reflects our history and reminds us of where we have been. There is some value in remembering and reflecting on our past.

Hi, San Nakji. Thanks for your comment and coming by. :)

Anonymous said...

You have so many nice pictures here! Are you a photographer?

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, luce. I'm only an amateur photographer doing it for fun. :)

Ava said...

Just looking at that smoke in the air makes me reach for my enhaler!!!!


Tim Rice said...

Hi, ava. Those of us watching were far enough away that the smoke didn't affect us. For the enactors, I don't know though.