Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Potpouri - Reflections on Odds and Ends

This week is continuing to be busy, mostly fun, and eventful -- also tiring from too much going on. :) I may not be able to do as much browsing of all my blog friends' pages. If I don't stop by, I haven't forgotten you. Next week should be better. Nevertheless, I have some photos and stories to share below.

My church's lead pastor has been away on vacation. So some of our youth with the consent of what shall remain an unnamed adult decided on Sunday that our pastor's office was in need of some re-decorating. They did a thorough job tinfoiling just about everything in sight. This particular picture shows the pastor's desk and computer station behind the desk. They covered large and small - pencils, pictures, phone, books, and more. If it was there, it was destined to be covered. Great job, youth! :)

Some of you may remember me posting this picture back in February describing some of my work in a scratch bakery. This picture shows the cooker in which I make the sweet goo for our shoofly pies. But the reason, I am posting it again is because of what happened yesterday.

I needed to heat a mixture of molasses and water to a boil. While doing that, I customarily walk away and do other tasks. This time, I came back, lifted the lid to the cooker, and it immediately started boiling over and out. I had put in two and a half five gallon buckets of molasses and three gallons of water; I probably lost a third of that onto the floor.

You can imagine what a sticky mess I had! Fortunately, my supervisor and two other coworkers helped me clean it up. All one could do was laugh especially at the moment I opened the lid and it started pouring out. Other than turning the heat off, all of us were powerless to stop it. They tell me this never happened before in the history of the bakery.


Our church is holding Summer Bible School this week. During Summer Bible School week, the junior youth customarily camp out in tents at the church Sunday night through Thursday night. They come early each evening for games and work projects as the weather permits. This year due to the weather though it is mostly recreation in the evenings and camping out in the church gym. Then in the morning they participate in the regular Summer Bible School program. This year I've been designated the evening camera person for this event. Two of the pictures are posted below.

This is a picture from Sunday evening showing one of the youth sponsors explaining a beanbag tossing game. The youth have milk jugs tied around their waist and will be paired in twos. Each youth tosses the bean bag into the other youth's jug. If successful, he steps back two feet; if not, they are out of the game. The last pair in wins.

This picture is from Monday evening. For this evening the junior youth are joined by the older youth and some young adults. They are playing a game of crab soccer. Initially, they played with one large ball. Later a second smaller ball was also tossed into the game.


sage said...

I hope your pastor has a sense of humor! Messes and bakeries go together--as I continue to write my memories of working in a bakery, I'll tell about throwing away 24,000 loaves or the day a tank of shortening got sent down the sewage line.

It sounds like you are a real asset to your church.

Coral said...

No entiendo mucho el ingles, pasaba a saludar y bueno me guíe por las imagenes...


Etchen said...

That's too funny-I think I will have to pass along the tinfoil idea! I hope your pastor enjoyed it. I really enjoyed perusing your blog-it's great!

consise10 said...

Funny story about the molasses.How long and how did you clean all that sticky stuff of the floor Tim?
The priest will surely be beside himself!Fun activities for the youth..keeps them out of trouble:-)

Ava said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

And wow, that sounds like quite a mess erupted when you removed that lid!



Tropical Screamer said...

Oh, I can just imagine the bakery mess. Why is it the sweet stuff that always hits the floor?

Very cute prank. :)


San Nakji said...

I love the tinfoil job, it's brilliant!

Shoefly pies.... mmmmmm, sounds yummy!

Ava said...

I love the tin foil ... had never thought of doing that to anyone ... but now ...


Tai said...

I need to think of tin-foiling things more often!!!

Cergie said...

Tim, it's good to read about your life and despite your unluckiness I don't be abble to stop laughing ! :-D
Your misadventure remembers me coffee overturned on my kitchen floor :-\
When I was a student in architecture, we were first in the premises of the art school and the first year whe have drawn and written on the walls ! At the beginning of the second year we forced the new students to paint them ! The problem was that we were obliged to stay and watch at them during all the time. It was tiring too ! Ahahaha !!!

Cergie said...

*Pot pourri is a French word ! That means flowers or citrus or anything dried and smelling good. We use sometimes the English one= medlay but I prefer *florilège ( that word comes from *fleur = flower).

Tim Rice said...

Hi, sage. I think my pastor appreciated the practical joke. I think it made him feel like one of the family. The losses you write about in the commercial bakery sound huge!. Thanks for coming by.

Hola, coral. Tampoco entiendo mucho español, pero aprendo. Gracias por tu visita. Saludos.

Hi, etchen. It is funny. Do feel free to pass the idea along. :) Thanks for checking out my blog.

Hi, consise10. I think it took four of us working together at least an hour. We had to move a skid among other things. We first scraped up as much as we could and then mopped the area at least three or four times.

Hi, Ava. Yes, it was quite a mess. I hope it never happens to me or anyone else again. But I have survived it. Oh, and do feel free to pass the tinfoil prank along. :)

Thanks, darilyn. I always enjoy your coming by. And, yes, the prank was a neat one.

Thanks, san nakji. Glad you enjoyed by post. I wish I could send you some shoofly over the Net. If you ever come visit me, I'll buy you one. :)

Hi, tai. You just do that. ;)

Hi, cergie. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That's all you could do was laugh about it...the gooey mess. Everyone will remember you since you were the one and only person this has ever happened to in the bakery.*S* Good that your co-workers helped you clean it up and also had a nice chuckle about it.

This Bible School session looks very interesting and you know how I feel about Bible Schools. I love them and wish our kids could enjoy more than just a week a year. Some churches have their youth groups that do a lot with the kids though and that's good.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, abandoned in pasadena. Thanks for coming by. Our church does make it a priority to have activities for our youth - a combination of social, athletic, and spiritual activities on a regular basis.