Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sid Meier's Civilization III

I don't play many computer games. But one that I have enjoyed at different periods in my life was Sid Meier's Civilization - a strategy game that has come out in several different editions. Some years back, I had bought Civilization III but had too slow a computer for it at that time. This past week, I decided to try it again and am once again mesmorized by it - growing a civilization that meets the test of time. :)

There are five major aspects to growing a civilization in this game. They are exploration, growing a healthy economy, increasing knowledge, conquest, and growing a culture. The game player as leader of his civilization competing with several other civilizations has the challenge of determing the right balance between these five aspects. The game also allows for several ways of winning - conquest, coming out top in a space race, use of diplomacy for world peacemaking, or by overwhelming the world with your civilization's cultural achievements.

The game is a challenge however one plays it. And I'm relearning the hard way some things I've forgotten over the years. But refiguring out the proper strategy again is part of the fun of it. Civilization III is not the most current version. I think Civilization IV came out a year or two ago. But for now, Civilization III is satisfaction enough for me.


Cergie said...

A slow computer is a pity.
You cannot see the web with the same eyes...
I'll soon have mine. My son is ending preparing an old one we have had for 1998, with window 2000.
I'm afraid to use it !

Tim Rice said...

Hi, cergie. Oh, I'm sure you'll do fine. But yes slowness in computers can be frustrating.