Sunday, August 27, 2006

Impressions, No. 2

The past couple days haven't been suitable for photo hiking trips. It's been cloudy and off and on showers. And we need the rain badly so I'm not ungrateful. So instead of new nature hikes today, I played around with a photo in Coral Paint Shop Pro X. The first photo is the original, the second is a kaleidoscope version, and all the rest experimentation with another effect on the kaleidoscope version. Feel free to point out any you like or dislike and why. I like to hear what my viewers think. [The last photo looks best viewed from a distance of say six to ten feet away from the computer screen and looks best in its large version.]



Hot Wax

Balls and Bubbles

Colored Foil



San Nakji said...

Well original is usually the best, especially when nature is concerned. However, I really like the colours in coloured foil!

sage said...

I don't get it. You took a perfectly beautiful picture and made it into something that could have been wall paper or cloth for a woman's dress back in the 70s... I hope you know this is in jest!

Fred said...

I like the kaleidoscope version. And, the original, too.

Kevin Stilley said...

Balls and Bubbles has a Christmassy feel to it.

Cergie said...

Oh ! The one of favorite flowers of Monet !
I prefer as usual the original picture.
But I like too this flower painted by Monet.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I like playing with pictures too. What program are you using to create your pictures?

Of course you always start with a great original picture, but in this instance I like the foil next.

Ed Abbey said...

I think I need to fully join the digital age and get some software to edit the digital pictures that I am collecting.

I guess I like the Hot Wax version and the Balls and Bubbles which has a Christmas feel to it as someone previously mentioned. But like Sage was alluding too, I don't think I would hang them up as prints but rather make some custom made wrapping paper or screen savers. Now the original would definitely hang well on a wall.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, san nakji. I think sometimes what makes a picture attractive is what function one is wanting it to fulfill.

Hi, sage. Your jesting is perfectly fine. I think the fun I get out of this is that I enjoy making and viewing different patterns, shapes, and colors. In some sense, my appreciation for it has to do with its geometric and abstract qualities.

Hi, fred. The kaleidoscope version is beautiful. And I like the brightness of the original version.

Hi, kevin stilley. I agree and I like the Christmasy feeling of the balls and bubbles version.

Thanks, cergie. Do you think the original appeals most because it is the most real or most representative of what exists in nature?

Hi, abandoned in pasadena. The foil version does have its attraction. I used Corel Paint Shop Pro X in this exercise

Hi, ed abbey. I think you're right. My transformations work best as wrapping paper or screen saver designs rather than the normal picture one would put on a wall.

Minka said...

Balls and Bubbles have my vote, apart from teh original of course. The third one, is a bit too dark for me and reminds me of East-german wall paper. Scary stuff :)

Merili said...

Oh the green one has my vote even though they look like paintings from the cartoons, i love the original one and am always up for experimenting with photos and seeing what comes out. :)

Murf said...

I don't like fur even from the recommended distance. It must be what it's like to have cateracts, eh? :-)

San Nakji said...

The more I look, the more I like the fur one!

coral said...

Flores Amarillas, mis preferidas...

Preciosas fotografias.

Un Abrazo Tim.

8/28/2006 07:12:07 PM

Ginnie said...

You had way too much fun with this, Tim. HA. I like the colors of the foil version. LOVE those colors together :)

Nabeel said...

ohh great work .. i am glad that u posted the before and after pics .. i loved the third one .. great design work. Sunflowers always face the sun :)

mreddie said...

Very interesting work and colors - I still like the original best. ec

Deepak Gopi said...

I dont know why I simply love your posts.I will always visit here
Thanks a lot for your visit too

Cergie said...

Not for that reason, the original is less... HUUummm... stiff !
The other picture may perhaps be used such as wallpaper in your kitchen.
However... Look out nightmare !
Ouah ! Ouaf ! Ouais !

Tim Rice said...

Hi, minka. Balls and bubbles probably is my favorite, too. The one that is too dark for you I wouldn't want as wallpaper either. I like bright colors to be around me most of the time. But darker views have their place just on a lesser basis.

Thanks, merili. It was fun experimenting with the original photo. It gives one a sense of many possibilities or potentialities.

Hi, murf. The fur picture is the most difficult one to appreciate with its blurry feel. But yet it pulls me.

Hi, san nakji. I agree that the more one views the fur picture the more it pulls. But I can't look at it too long. It is also disturbing in some sense.

Hola, coral. Me gusta que te gusta mis fotos de las flores amarillas. Un abrazo, coral.

Hi, ginnie. Naw, can't ever have too much fun playing around with photos! Glad you loved the colors of the foil version. They do go well together.

Thanks, nabeel. Glad you enjoyed my play with these pictures. :)

Hi, mreddie. God's work is always superior to man's work. But since man is created in the image of God, some of God's glory shines through man's work.

Hi, deepak gobi. Glad you enjoy my photos. You are welcome to visit anytime here.

Thanks, cergie. It is true that with the exclusion of the original these pictures follow strict geometric patterns. Perhaps you enjoy more spontaneity. :)

Rrramone said...

These are really nice!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, rrramone. Thanks. I had fun creating them. :)