Saturday, August 19, 2006

Surreal days
Unnerving visions
Not fully here, not fully there

Flowing thoughts
Laden with torn memories
Owning the pain
Withering winds
Evoking tears
Raking the heart


sage said...

powerful words that tear at the heart, Tim. I can't get a lot of your pictures as I'm at my parents home and on dial-up. I'll have to come back when I'm back in Michigan and in the 21st century!

Murf said...

I second Sage's comments about the poem. It's the antithesis of what I think sunflowers are.

Cergie said...

Did you notice that sunflowers are never well turn to the light ? Their heavy heads are all back to the sun in the afternoon.

I'll tell you my secret:
Ask somebody (your sister for instance, I asked to my daughter) to cut one and then to turn it to the sun ! And when finish, bring it back and offer this pretty flower to your Mom !
Mine is still on my sideboard.

And please, Tim don't have neither sadness nor truble. Or just today, just a little bit...
MMMM ??? That's OKay ???

Tim Rice said...

Hi, sage. Good to hear from you. Hope my poem didn't sadden you too badly. I'm okay - just dealing with conflicted moods and situations.

Hi, murf. Thanks for coming by. Normally, I, too, would think of sunflowers in more happy terms. But in that particular picture, the sunflower seemed to be in a sense beaten down; but maybe it's just my melancholic mood that's causing me to see it that way. Irregardless, I'll move on.

Thanks, cergie for your thoughts. Your concern and empathy is appreciated. I shall move on though life alternates with sadness and joy.

cher said...

great the sunflower towering over the words.

Cergie said...

Ahaha !
So you'll be like sunflowers: heavy head turn to one side and sun moving around:
Sadness (shade) or joy (light).

Ginnie said...

Sometimes it takes the melancholy to really appreciate the sun! I know you already know that....

Minka said...

I just lovelovelove sunfloweres. I made at least 5 pictures of them in Germany and I see poetry is underway as well. The beauty of nature and teh beauty of words combined...what a treat!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, cher. Glad you enjoyed the sunflower.

Hi, cergie. Thanks for your thoughts and observations. It's always good to hear from you.

Thanks, ginnie.

Thanks, minka. Pictures and words do indeed possess great potential for beauty.

Crystal said...

I love sunflowers, they remind me of Tuscany. Nice poem to go along with the pic too.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, crystal. Sunflowers are a wonderful part of nature.