Monday, August 21, 2006

A Special Family Time

Early September, my sister will be going to Thailand under Rosedale Mennonite Missions as a part of a church planting team. She is going for an initial term of two years as an intern. So Sunday afternoon and evening most of my family and some relatives on my Mom's side of the family got together for a time of fun and fellowship over pizza at our parent's home. My sister is in the last picture with two nieces. The pictures are presented in order of the evening's sequence. We will miss her here at home but are excited for her as she follows the Spirit's calling.

Our pizza table - beginning to gather

The children's table

Playing the card game of Pit

Just talking :)

Fisbee and ?

My sister and two nieces enjoying each other's company


mreddie said...

I do so enjoy the family get-togethers, no matter the reason. Your sister's committment is a very serious one but with the help of the Holy Spirit things that seem impossible can be accomplished. ec

Crystal said...

Your sister resembles you quite a bit. I commend you guys for making a difference in the world, hopefully good things will be acheived in Thailand, and maybe you'll even get to visit! ;-) I think my next big trip will definitely be Asia, though getting time off work will indeed be challenging. I start my new job Monday and I'm excited, but also I know I'll be missing these free unplanned days. Anyway, best wishes for your sis!

sage said...

blessings upon your sister. Where in Thailand will she be? We had a young woman (22) spend a month in Thailand last summer with Campus Crusade

samrina said...

Time with family is the most precious time that one can have.

Prayers for ur sister.

Hope u doing fine.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

How excited your sister must be! I wish her well in her calling.

Ed Abbey said...

I've always enjoyed visiting the asian rim and would someday like to include Thailand. Maybe she can send you some pictures to post.

Ava said...

What a great opportunity for your sister! Family gatherings are so fun. Hope you enjoyed it!

Ginnie said...

Those are precious moments when as a family you bid someone Good-Bye for a mission trip. I remember when my church family "commissioned" me before I left for Peru back in 1968. I wish the best for your sister...and you, as you live it through her eyes!

Trailady said...

WOW, Tim! I am amazed and envious at the size of your family! Must have some really great get-togethers!! :o)

Murf said...

Cergie said...

How many grand'children have your parents, Tim ?
It seems to me it must be easy to forget one in a corner.

I hope your sister will be well in Thailand. The weather may be difficult: hot and humid. Happily she will not be alone there. Will she be there for a long time ?

Tim Rice said...

Hi, mreddie. I love family get-togethers, too. And thanks for your words regarding my sister.

Hi, crystal. Thanks for your words of commendation. And who knows, this may be an occasion to get to Thailand say next year. Time will tell though. Wishing you the best as you start your new job.

Thanks, sage. I don't have the name of the town where she will be living at this time. But she will be hour's drive from Bangkok is my understanding. Thanks for your words of blessing for my sister.

Hi, samrina. Time spent with family is sacred indeed. Thanks for prayers for my sister as she begins this new stage in life.

Thanks, abandoned in pasadena. My sister is indeed looking forward to this new venture.

Hi, ed abbey. That just might be a possibility.

Thanks, ava. It was a good time spent with one another.

Thanks, ginnie, for your words. They mean a lot. It will be a new experience for all of us but especially for her. One of the challenges she will be facing is learning the Thai language and its a tonal language. For the first year she will be taking Thai language classes in Bangkok five days a week.

Hi, trailady. It's neat to hear from you. Yes my family is large and I find that a blessing.

Hi, murf. I take it you like pizza. It definitely was yummy and lots of variety.

Hi, cergie. My parents have nine grandchildren. Plus there were two grandchildren there belonging to my uncle and aunt. As for the length of time my sister will be staying in Thailand, her initial term is two years. Beyond that is undetermined at this time.

M(urf)! said...

Hi, Tim. I do but I happened to notice that that first pizza looks like ham and pineapple which is the worst type of pizza of them all. Glad to hear that you had more than just that one.

Minka said...

family get-togethers are great. Yours just shine swith love and fun.
Good luck to your sister!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, murf. Ham and pineapple pizza is not my favorite either. But I had some yummy steak and green pepper pizza and some spicy hot German pizza with green peppers. I also enjoy vegetable pizza and pepperoni pizza.

Thanks, minka. I'm glad our family get-togethers radiate love and fun. I think that's part of the function of families. Thanks for your best wishes for my sister.

Carmel said...

those look like some great and happy times.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, carmel. There were some great and happy times. Thanks.