Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ma's Flowers

Sunday afternoon before going to my two nephews' birthday celebration, I spent with my parents. My Mom enjoys growing lots of flowers. And some of them were especially beautiful right now as pictured below.

Petunias next to the house

I don't know the name of the flowers on the tall stems. They have no leaves - just a tall stem and blossoms.





Fred said...

Beautiful flowers, Tim. I've always had a flower garden, and it was in the front of the house until we moved here in 2001.

Then I got smart, and put the garden in the back, so The Missus and I could enjoy all the color, instead of the neighbors.

Summer here is when I have to plant dull, but hardy flowers. The real color starts in September, and lasts through early June.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your mom's gladiola is absolutely beautiful...I've never seen one that color before. I have one white one that came up on its own...as in all by itself.

mreddie said...

The many colors do my innards good. :) ec

Godknows said...

Beautiful flowers. Lucky you.

Frida said...

The pink flowers without a name are generally known as Naked Ladies (Lycoris squamigeria). They are called "naked" because they are bare stems.

Wonderful flowers.

Murf said...

Lovely flowers and photos of them. I don't have much of an urge to do things like that (care for flowers past a couple of pots of geraniums) but I sure do enjoy others that do.

Cergie said...

You call your mother "Ma" as I did.
Like a goat or a sheep !

In china it's so they call their mother. And I was first with a chinese nanny.
But perhaps I misunderstood the title of your post !

Be a good boy with your Mom, Tim.

Minka said...

The Gladiola is so beautful. I think we call it Glockenblume in German, since her blossoms remind of bells...

Lynn said...

Beautiful! I have green fingers too.. unfortuntely its too hot in Dubai to grow such flowers and I don't have a garden.. I have a plant though and its been alive since the day I came here..2 years ago.. :)

Ava said...

Beautiful flowers! And after reading the comments I now know that I have Naked Ladies in my garden! They were already there when we moved here and come up every year. I've never know what they were.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, fred. It is neat to hear about your garden. I can tell though that you live in much different climate than I do. From about October through April and even sometimes in May temperature get way too low here for most flowers. And in the mid of winter nothing grows.

Hi, abandoned in pasadena. Glad you liked the gladiola. They are beautiful flowers and come in many different colors. It's neat how your gladiola came up all by itself. Do you have neighbors who have gladiolas?

Thanks, mreddie. I'm glad these colors warms you.

Thanks, godknows. I am lucky. I can enjoy these flowers without doing the work. :)

Hi, frida. Thanks for identifying my unnamed flower. Now, I wonder how many people will find my blog for the wrong reason. ;)

Hi, murf. Glad you enjoy seeing flowers such as these. I also appreciate that other people grow them and let me enjoy without all the hard work. :)

Thanks, minka. That's an interesting tidbit to know.

Hi, lynn. Glad you like these flowers. In the apartment I live in I can't even grow potted flowers. Too little sunlight at my windows.

Thanks, ava. Isn't it amazing how much we can learn by visiting our blogs?

Tim Rice said...

Hi, cergie. I didn't mean to miss you in my responses above. I apologize. I'm always glad for your visits and comments. Anyway, my use of the word "Ma" in the blogs title does not indicate the name I use when speaking to her. For this post, I used to the word "Ma" I think you might say for artistic purposes. When I speak to my mom, I say, "Mom". And she still is a very important person in my life. She means a lot to me.

spicebear said...

i am one of those people who still refer to their mothers as "mummy". its a cultural thing i guess. those flowers look beautiful, it's nice to know the names of actual plants since i don't have much of a green thumb.

Ginnie said...

It's these memories of "Ma" that stay with you long after she's gone! Now I know what Naked Ladies are :)

Blue Sky said...

Tim you seem to have a relationship with your parents that most people would die for, I am very close to my family as well but live 3000 mile from them. I live in alaska andd they live in colorado.. Its hard to be so far from them ...my dad is a Baptist paster and we were raised with very close family ties. i have not been around to any of my favorite blogs in awhile, But im back and happy to see you and your family doing well. hope to see you around.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, spicebear. Glad I could add to your enjoyment by naming the plants. And how we address our mothers I'm sure is a cultural thing.

Hi, ginnie. I'm sure you are right about our memories of our mother.

Hi, bluesky. I do have a good relationship with my parents. I treasure it greatly. If you don't mind me asking what took you to Alaska?