Sunday, August 06, 2006

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, New Jersey Side, No. 1, part 1

On Friday, I went hiking near the Van Campens Glen area of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in New Jersey. It was a beautiful day. They had called for a chance of thunderstorms. But it never got worse than cloudy. And as the day went went on it became progressively sunnier.

This was a section of one of the trails I hiked on. All the pictures were photographed on or along this trail. This section of the trail particularly caught my attention because of the abundant ferns along the left side of the picture.

A friendly turtle

Along the trail are a couple abandoned houses. There's something alluring about such abandoned houses. One wonders what stories they might hold.

Some beautiful wildflowers

Here at the end of this trail is a canoe camping area along the Delaware River. On the far side of the river is a beautiful, small rock bluff. Unfortunately, the brightness of the sun shining on the rocks makes it so it doesn't show up very well.

[I meant to put up this post last night; but Blogger wouldn't allow me to upload pictures last night.]


Ginnie said...

That is one of the most colorful turtles I've ever seen, Tim. Gorgeous. For all the hiking you do, you have gotta be in great shape! And what a great way to do it, in nature.

sage said...

love the road and ferns--so green!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, ginnie. I thought it was beautiful turtle, too. And I as you know, I enjoy hiking.

Hi, sage. Glad you enjoyed the road and ferns. I, too, thought that just the way the sun was shining on that it was an extremely lushious green.

Paige said...

Wow that looks just like the turtle that ran away from us kids (many years ago). I'm glad he is safe.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, paige. I'm glad that turtle is safe, too. :)