Monday, August 14, 2006

A Celebration of Two Birthdays in One Family

Sunday evening, most of my extended family spent with my brother's family near Coopersburg, Pennsylvania for the celebration of the birthdays of his oldest and his youngest son. It was a good evening spending time with all my nephews and nieces, their parents, my only sister, and all four of the birthday boys grandparents.

One of my nephews giving my three nieces a cart ride

This is my oldest nephew on his mini-bike. He is one of the two whose birthdays were being celebrated. Further back next to the red car is his next younger brother. In the distant left background are a number of my extended family talking.

Here is one of my nephews on a pocket bike. I love his smile. He is not from the same immediate family as the nephews in the previous picture.

Here are my two birthday nephews seated front left and back right with their candle-lighted cakes and other refreshments including fresh fruit and candy. Not seen on this picture was also fresh baked bread, a lettuce salad, and three different kinds of ice cream.

Up in a tree

Here is my youngest nephew from a different immediate family than any of the previous nephews shown in this post. His dad is standing directly behind him. His grandparents (my parents) are seated on either side. He is fascinated with the train track tablecloth.

Here is my oldest nephew playing his Yamaha Electronic Keyboard that he just received that night as his birthday present. [The boy in the orange T-shirt on the back left of the picture is the younger brother of my nephew who was riding the pocket bike in an earlier picture.]

Here is the middle brother of my oldest nephew above enjoying the electronic keyboard. His grandparents are directly behind him. The first set of grandparents are also my parents.


mreddie said...

Wow - large family! Looks like everyone had a good time. What an amazing blessing is this thing God instituted - the family. ec

Murf said...

In the picture of the birthday boys and their cake, does your nephew have a black eye?

Tim Rice said...

Hi, mreddie. It was an excellent time. And I count my extended family as one of my top blessings.

Hi, murf. You are correct; he does have a black eye. I didn't quite catch the whole story; but he had it before we got there. ;)

Nabeel said...

awwwwww this looks soo much fun .. carts, motorbikes, games and climbing trees .. everything that a kid would want :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Tim...I love the closeness of your family...It's nice that you all live close enough to gather for birthday celebrations. I've never heard of a pocket bike. Do you know why it was called a pocket bike? Does it fold up small enough to fit in your pocket *LOL* if it's a BIG pocket?

All your nephews are cuties and I hope they read your blog so they can see their pictures posted.

Take care,
Sandy :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

BTW...I really love the picture of the your pretty little neices riding in the wagon. They look like they are really enjoying their bumpy ride. I have a wagon like that and Jimmy took me for a ride and it's bumpy, on the grass.

Murf said...

That's what I was hoping for and it wasn't makeup. If it was, that would probably make him your family's first cross dresser? :-)

Ed Abbey said...

Sounds like quite the large extended family. The Mennonites around here generally have pretty small families. Two kids seems to be the max.

Cergie said...

MMMMmm ! How is it possible to your sister to survive: seven brothers and none sister ! I have only 3 and it's so difficult yet for me !

I'll always miss a sister.

samrina said...

Great, they all must have enjoyed alot and had fun :)


Ginnie said...

I can see that while I was down on the farm with MY extended family this past weekend, you were with yours. Family. Family. Family. Eat them up while you have them, which I know you do.

Ava said...

How great to get to spend time with family like that!

I used to ride a mini bike! I'd be afraid to know ... probably would be too big anyway! I also used to love to climb trees! Such a great view from a tree ... even if you're not very high up. Solitude.

Great keyboard! Looks like fun!

Tim Rice said...

Hi, nabeel. It was a fun evening! Not only for the kids but for us adults, too.

Hi, sandy. Glad you enjoyed your visit to my family on my blog. Most of my family lives close enough to get together but not all. I have a brother who lives in Michigan and and a brother and his wife who live in Maryland that were not able to make it. My sister from Ohio was there. But that was primarily because she is spending a couple weeks with family and friends here before she leaves for a two year mission term in Thailand. As for the pocket bike, it is merely called that because it is so small and low to the ground. An adult could not ride it in my opinion.

Hi, murf. Nope, we don't have any cross-dressers in our family. But if we did, that person would still be a part of our family.

Hi, ed abbey. my immediate family was large - seven boys and one girl. But none of them so far have had more than three children. Two of my brothers have three children each, one has two, and the other only has one. I think most families in my church are not more than two to four children now a days.

Hi, cergie. My sister knew how to hold her own. She had to with all of us teasing her. ;)

Hi, samrina. I think we all had an excellent time.

Hi, ginnie. I do appreciate my family. Life would be a lot different without them.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ava. I think in my extended family we all value spending time together. Besides that's part of what we are here for. :)

Tropical Screamer said...

Thank you so much for sharing your family pictures.

I have very few relatives and I can only imagine what it's like to be part of such a large family. It sure looks like fun. :)

All the best to you and your family.


Tim Rice said...

Hi, darilyn. It's good to hear from you and I'm glad appreciated my family pictures. I view my family as a very significant blessing. I hope you have people who play just as significant role in your life, too.