Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Utah, No. 1, Bryce Canyon, Natural Bridge

This weeks assignment for Tuesdays Photos is on the theme of bridges.

These two photos are of the rock formation known as the Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon National Park. I took these two photos back in May 1997 when I was on a month long vacation trip through portions of the South and Western United States.


Ginnie said...

Way to go, Tim. I think you're hooked :)

sage said...

THAT'S MY COUNTRY!!! Having lived only 70 miles from Bryce for over a decade, I miss that country. The red navajo sandstone, the sage, the pinion pine and pondersoa in the more watered areas... The isolated arches in far out places... thanks for sharing these pics and bringing back memories.

San Nakji said...

A lot of people (mostly Mormons admittedly) have told me that Utah is the place to go. It certainly looks so different from here. A state ripe for photography!

cher said...

gorgeous photo..had a chance to camp and hike in the canyon...thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking shots... our world is so beautiful and glorious.
Fantastic shots!

Cergie said...

Even the sccientists looking at such wonders have to admit a superior reality.

Ben said...

RAAAaaaannnnnggeerrrrrrrrrr BIIIiiiillll!

I loved that radio show... listened to it on Saturday mornings all the time.

I am right there with you... If it dates you then it dates me.


madretz said...

awesome photos for the theme! Beautiful.

Asma said...

beautiful place...i wish i could be there

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, ginnie. Time will tell, huh?

Hi, sage. Glad it brought back good memories. I'll have to post some more in the weeks to come.

Hi, san nakji. Utah is beautiful and certainly much different from the state of Pennsylvania in which I live. Lots of potential for photos there.

Hi, cher. Glad it brought back good memories. It is awesome.

Thanks, andrea. There is much beauty in the diversity of nature and our world.

cergie, one would think so; but not all do. Glad you appreciated these wonders.

Hi, ben. That radio show (Ranger Bill) was great. I think I used to listen to it every Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. And then for a while there was also the radio drama Sailor Sam that I loved as a kid.

Thanks, madretz. Glad you appreciate them!

Thanks, asma. And I wish I could visit many beautiful places the whole world over in each and every country.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

We were on that same trip for a month to the west & southern U.S. in 1997,and visited Bryce Canyon. I was about to say that we might have crossed paths, but our trip was in August.
Beautiful place wasn't it?