Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Bridge

Bridging the waters
Reaching deeper
Into the soul
Delving the heart
Grief melting
Emergent joy


consise10 said...

Don't tell me you actually walked that bridge! Did you?

Ginnie said...

That photo is incredible enlarged! Well done!

Tonnie said...

Another great photo, you really have an eye for those insirational shots. I like what you wrote with it also.

Tim Rice said...

That picture was taken back in May 2000. I'm not quite sure where. But I bet I walked across that bridge. A suspension bridge like that can be exhilarating. :)

Thanks, ginnie. I like it, too.

Hi, tonnie. Thanks. I'm glad you liked the picture and the words to go with it.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That looks like a swinging bridge that we have in one of our state parks...although the stream below ours isn't as swift as yours.

I like pictures of wooden bridges.

Anonymous said...

I love this shot. It should have an inspirational saying at the bottom.

fairyesque-scandal said...

Hey Tim, love this shot -- like everyone else -- and the beautiful, simple quote beneath. Did you write that or find it somewhere. So pretty ^_^

Tim Rice said...

Hi, abandoned in pasadena. Glad you enjoyed this bridge. I love this kind of bridge, too. They're adventurous.

Thanks, andrea. Glad you enjoyed this shot.

Hi, fairyesque-scandal. Glad you enjoyed this photo. And, yes, I, myself, wrote the short piece of prose below it. It's good to know that you appreciated it.