Monday, May 22, 2006

Maine Scenes, No. 8, Baxter, On A Hike

Six or more years ago, I was taking a hike through a remote part of Baxter State Park in Maine. Even the trail was almost grown shut. Actually some places it was and I almost thought I might have to backtrack my way providing I could even do that. But it turned out to be one of my favorite hikes.

Here I was privileged to come upon a female moose with a newly born calf going upstream. Note how red the coat of the calf is.

Here I chanced upon a beautiful orchid not far off the path.

Note how thickly grown the forest is here. This area was probably heavily logged before it became state park land in Maine. Many places, it was literally so thick that it would have been hard to squeeze between the trees.


steve said...

Awesome. I love hiking and I love the photos!

sage said...

How often do you get to Baxter. I've always wanted to go back, but haven't been there since completing the AT nearly 2 decades ago.

Ava said...

What an awesome picture of the moose and her calf!


Godknows said...

Awesome. your photos are so beautiful

Cergie said...

This forest is so thick, how big animals can live there ?
This orchid is very pretty.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, steve. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Through experiencing nature such as shown here my appreciation for God's sense of beauty, power, and wisdom increases.

Hi sage. I used to go about every three years. It's been longer than that now since my last trip. But maybe next year. I usually go in May or June before the masses arrive; although sometimes the bugs can be a bit pesky at that time if one stands still for long. Maybe we should plan a vacation there together??

Hi, ava. It is awesome - there's always something awesome about a mother and her newborn.

Thanks, godknows. It makes me feel good when I can post photos that others appreciate.

Thanks, cergie. I'm not sure though as you saw in the photo the moose was hiking up creek not the forest. Maybe they also use what remains of the trails. :)

San Nakji said...

Wow a moose! Looks delicious... I mean, how cute! ;o)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I need to start walking around more...I'm miss seeing the wildlife. saw a moose with her baby and an orchid. I wouldn't know an orchid if it bit me. I didn't think they just grew wild around here.

Love your pictures.

Ginnie said...

I LOVE the photo of the moose and calf! What a great photo op for you!

Ben said...

Wow... all the hiking you do... Kind of a neat way to remain fit and take pictures all at the same time.


Ocean said...

yea maine is beautiful. I visited there about six years ago also. Machais was the town I think. They had an abuntdance of wild blueberries there.

Tim Rice said...

Hi, san nakji. Some people do hunt moose so your original comment may not have been too far off. :)

Hi, abandoned in pasadena. Yes, it was neat seeing that mother moose and its calf. As for orchids, they grow many places but one just doesn't find them real often it seems.

Thanks, ginnie. I was thrilled to have that photo opportunity back then with the moose and her calf.

Hi, ben. Yep, hiking is a fun way to get in some exercise.

Thanks, ocean. And wild blueberries are delicious!