Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Visit to Chile, Part 2

During our Chile trip in January, we spent one morning at a fish market in Valparaíso along the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. Below are some photos from that experience.

Seafood on display at the entrance of the fish market

More seafood for sale

Behind the seafood stands, the boats loaded with their catches of fish are brought in from the dock further out in the ocean pulled by a tractor.

There are many of these boats with their fish catch behind the seafood stands. And it appears that many people buy their fish fresh and uncleaned directly from the boats.

Here the fish are being cutted and cleaned.

A statue of Saint Peter who is the the patron saint of fishermen

Sea Gulls line up in a row along the fish boat tow path

Pelicans waiting for fish scraps

As we left the fish market, a pottery stand was being set up


CabinWriter-- said...

Thank you for sharing your photos, your work with your church. How difficult it is to not be able to spend more time with these gentle people. And what lessons we Americans learn from these humble people. I know you treasure this experience.

sage said...

Great photos--as always--I'm hungry now for fresh seafood

Cergie said...

Tim ! I can see how you are well today !
I'll come back tomorrow, because now I'm tired, it's late !
But, not tired enough to avoid seing that you've put two times the same picture of the red fishing shop

My doughnuts are yummy, and I did not cooked to much of them because we are only my husband and I at home now

See you soon
Night night (for me) !

Minka said...

Thank you for letting me know about this post. Chile seems fascinating to me...

I know sea gulls...they love to live in our harbour areas for the exact same reason:)

Murf said...

I can smell the fish from here!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, cabinwriter. I do treasure the time I spent with these people who are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I have learned much from them in their commitment to share the life Jesus gave them with others.

Thanks, sage. I bet these fish would make many a great meal. :)

Thanks, cergie. I had to include that same photo again because it so belonged in this post. I hope you got a good night's rest.

Thanks, minka. Chile is a fascinating country. And I only got to see a very small section of it.

Thanks, murf, for stopping by. But these fish didn't smell. These fish are fresh from the sea - no time yet to smell. :)

Cergie said...

Hi ! Tim ! I'm back !
I would like now to buy some fish, they seem so fresh, and maybe one or two poteries, instead my home is full as an egg.
The birds in line are lovely, waiting for the fish I presume
I can notice how the weather was different. It sis normal, in southern earth isn't it ?

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, cergie. I would love to sell you some Chilean fish; but I'm afraid they wouldn't be too fresh anymore by the time they would reach you in France. ;) And yes it is summertime in the Southern hemisphere and it was lovely.