Monday, February 25, 2008

A Hike Near Perkiomenville Mennonite Church

This afternoon I went hiking near the Perkiomenville Mennonite Church near and along the Perkiomen Creek. It was a beautiful, sunlit day and good to be out. :)

Tracks in the snow

The Perkiomen Creek

An evergreen twig

One of the many paths in the woods

A fern leaf in the snow

A beam of light

Red berries

seed pods against the sky


Cergie said...

SOoooOOO ! My favorite North American artist is back home ! And snow and frost too on his blog !

Jamie Dawn said...

You took a hike in a gorgeous place.
Nice photos.
We've not had a single flake of snow this winter. Last year, we only had one, light snowfall. We have mild winters here, and I prefer that over cold, snowy ones.
But the snow sure makes for some wonderful photos.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I hope you are having a good week!

sage said...

winter hikes are wonderful, thanks for the great photos

Ginnie said...

I always love the walks you take us on, Tim. Thank you!

Charley & Marianne said...

Hey Tim, since I've not posted anything on my blog in a while I thought I'd drop by from our "Family Blog". It does have quite a few new photos there. As always, I your blog is one of my favorites.

How are you enjoying married life?!?


Marguerite said...

I can notice how you enjoy being married !
(How a long time without publishing !)

The seeds pods are looking as two heads having the hair all over the place

I hope you'll have a nice day and go hikking today

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, cergie. It was good to take that hike. Hopefully, I will be taking more North American hikes soon. :)

Thanks, jamie dawn. I enjoy taking hikes and sharing them through my photos.

Thanks, sage. Glad you enjoy them.

Thanks, ginnie. I want to do more of them. They inspire me.

Thanks, charlie. Married life is good - so good that my schedule gets filled up too quickly. :)

Thanks, marguerite. I'm glad you enjoy my hikes and photos. I do need to do more of them.