Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Visit to Chile, Part 4

While in Chile in January, my wife and I also got to enjoy some of the natural landscape and sights in the vicinity of Viña del Mar. Viña del Mar is about an hour and half drive North of Santiago, Chile. Some of the many enjoyable views we saw are pictured below.

At the sand dunes near Viña del Mar
Pastor Alfredo (on the left) and myself

At the sand dunes near Viña del Mar
Pastor Alfredo's wife (on the right) with my wife

Some of the plant life and rocks along the Pacific coast

Note the contrasting color segments of the rocks

Waves crashing in

Note the pelicans and other birds on the rock

On the left and top center, there are sea lions

An aerial view of the Andes Mountains near Santiago, Chile


Godknows said...

Wow wow wow. just beautiful. You are such a luck guy. Happy New YEar Tim

sage said...

Beautiful photos Tim!

Murf said...

Love the sand dunes. That must've been quite a climb to the top.

Cergie said...

I must notice that even if you were in different landscapes from the ones of Pennsylvania, you caught them very well. It's more easy to take pictures when you're accustomed with the light, the shapes, coulors (green instead of yellow) and so on.
In an other part, having the chance to bring back home points of view that you will maybe no more see is a wonderful gift
Thank you for sharing your experience and your travel

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, godknows. God has blessed me greatly with the Chile trip.

Thanks, sage. Glad you enjoyed them.

Thanks, murf. It was quite a climb to the top - but a very good one. :)

Thanks, cergie. I am glad to share my journey with you and others via my blog.