Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Visit to Chile, Part 1

From January 15 to 23, my wife and I were on a trip to Chile in the regions around Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, and Frutillar all of which are located in the Northern half of Chile. Viña del Mar and Valparaíso are large cities located along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Frutillar which we visited is located further inland in the Andes Mountains northeast of the above two coastal cities.

Our church relates to a sister church in Viña del Mar named Tabernacle of Christ. My wife and I went to continue building relationships with the people of that church. For two days, we assisted with a summer Bible school near Frutillar. Much of the rest of the time was spent with people from the Tabernacle of Christ church visiting in their homes over meals, attending a couple church services, and also seeing some of the local sites of interest. As we were leaving, my wife was told that our visit was much too short.

At times communication was a challenge. Yet between the English that many of them know, the limited Spanish that my wife and I know, the use of our hands, and the help of a Spanish/English English/Spanish dictionary, we were able to have much meaningful conversation. The members of the Tabernacle of Christ Church also knew how to make us feel like family. And two families down there told us that anytime we come back their home would be our home. These people live the love of Christ and it shows in everything they do. They truly are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Below are an initial sampling of more pictures to come from our time in Chile. Following posts will show more pictures from the Summer Bible School, other church meetings, a fish market in Valparaíso, and some nature pictures from along coastal regions and in the mountains.

Summer Bible School in Frutillar

From a church service in the Frutillar church

Fellowship over refreshments after a service at Tabernacle of Christ

A view of a neighborhood near where we stayed in Viña del Mar

A scene from the fish market in Valparaíso

Cactus on a mountain side in Frutillar

A view of another part of Viña del Mar

My wife and I on the sand dunes near Viña del Mar


Cergie said...

Such an interresting post.
So you were both away a long while and it was not for new vacations. I can understand you were your wife and you, working for your church. It is fine instead the difference of langage to be able to speak and understand other people
I like particularly two pictures. The one of the neighborhood near where we stayed in Viña del Mar, and the one where your wife and you are on the dune. It was rather scarry, I believe

Tim, I cannot remember you told us the chritian name of your wife. Did you ?

... Paige said...

Beautiful country. My thoughts when I first saw the photo of y'all on the dune - so precarious a spot for a photo. I notice too how she is holding one to you. If you go so shall she.
Love- ain't it grand

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Tim and Sue! I too liked the picture of you guys on the sand dune. Looks like a small mountain of sand! (I guess that's kind of what it is?!) Sounds like you had a profitable experience there. It's kind of funny to read of Summer Bible School this time of year, since it is not exactly summer here!

Phil & Renee

sage said...

Wow Tim, that sounds like a wonderful visit--staying with local people allows you to create deeper friendships. I look forward to more pictures and reports.

Ginnie said...

These mission trips, Tim, are so life-rewarding and fulfilling. Bill and I went on one to Guatemala and I'll never forget it. I also spent several months in the foothills of the Andes in Peru when I was single. You never forget those times! And yes, you find your brothers and sisters in Christ everywhere.

Thanks for sharing!

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, cergie. My wife and my time in Chile was most worthwhile. It will not be forgotten. It has broaden my horizons and helped me grow as a person. I liked the two pictures you mentioned, too. As for the dunes, they were fun to hike.

Thanks, paige. I liked your comment about that if I would go so would my wife. :) And yes love is grand!!!

Thanks, phil and renee. It was an excellent time. Sometime my wife and I will need to bring our Chile photo album over to your home and share it and our stories with you.

Thanks, sage. My time in Chile with these people is a most treasured experience. Some day I hope my wife and I can go back.

Thanks, ginnie. I'm glad you have enjoyed similar experiences. It is good to meet new people and learn to know them personally. It expands one horizons and is an encouragement I think to all.

Minka said...

It looks so different from anything I know, yet peaceful in a very essential way.

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, minka. These people from the Tabernacle of Christ church live their love for Christ. That's why this post communicates peace.